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  • DoctorWhoDoctorWho Senior Member Posts: 9,496 Senior Member
    Not really, a small general purpose gun, not too expensive, easy to learn to use, easy to maintain etc..... No bandwagon BS, that is up to personal choice.

    I still like a smallish revolver, like a Charter Arms undercover, or other general purpose coRnvenient firearm.... like any General Purpose item of any kind, there are exceptions and exclusions and limitations to every utilitarian concept.

    Then again I care less about small anymore to some extent, LE is not preoccupied, at least around here with anything other than folks being authorized to carry, not so much what you carry, as seen on a YouTube video of an open carry boob with an AR, the Portland Police ( Oregon) were very nice, only asked if the idiots had Concealed carry permits, which they did......
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  • NomadacNomadac Senior Member Posts: 902 Senior Member
    My problem with this question is it depends on too many variables, like asking what it the best motor vehicle? It all depends on your needs, etc. Everything is a compromise and one must determine their personal needs and circumstances for their situation. I don't believe there is a wrong answer, as be it a revolver or pistol. Some calibers are more versatile than others, but for example how many would need a handgun to stop a bear? I am not aware of any bears in my area.

    Besides who determines if you could only have one firearm? I know this is only a hypothetical question and everyone has their opinion. Interesting to read different opinions though. The benefit of being older I do not have to pick only one for my needs.
  • Packrat76Packrat76 New Member Posts: 5 New Member
    The best handgun is the one you are most proficient with, knowing it inside and out. But most of all, it has to be reliable. My two choices; M9 / 92FS Beretta, Smith & Wesson N frame revolvers. Thousands of rounds have proven to me about the quality of these firearms.
  • snake284snake284 Senior Member Posts: 22,394 Senior Member
    snake284 wrote: »
    I agree, when I carry now, it's 9mm. Not too small, not too big, and it has a lot of mag capacity.

    Having read this thread, seen the video, and posted what I did, I will say that there is NO ONE BEST GUN for all seaons. I have four handguns. I'm not a hand gun specialist. I am more into long guns. But, I don't have one long gun that fits all my hunting situations. Other than the fact I do love guns, I have many rifles for many hunting situations. I have a .223 for Small game, varmints, and some paper punching. I have a .22-250 for similar reasons but it has a bit longer legs and is a tad big more versatile. I have a .250 Savage and a .257 Improved for mid size game and punching paper. I have a .270 Winchester, a .280 Remington, and a 30-06 for midsize game and larger. I have a 7 Rem. Mag and a .300 WBY Mag, for larger game and/or longer shots. I have a 9.3x62 in case I have the opportunity for hunting larger game, such as this Nilgai hunt I'm going on. I have all these for a couple reasons, one as I said I love guns, and two, because no one rifle does it all well.
    Well it's the same with a handgun. If I want to go fly fishing in Alaska in brown bear country, I'm probably not packing a 9mm or even a .357 Mag. That's why they make 44 mags up to S&W 500s. If I'm carrying, it's probably not going to be anything bigger than a 45 ACP, and most likely a 9mm. There is a Handgun made for any and all seasons. But there's not one made to cover all circumstances you can encounter. That's why they make so many different chamberings and styles of hand gun. So I think now that there is no such thing as an all around best handgun, not one that addresses every need completely. So I'll just make do with more than one.
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  • DoctorWhoDoctorWho Senior Member Posts: 9,496 Senior Member
    The question normally asked is:

    "What is the best for personal defense all around gun?

    Simple answer:

    A compact pocket carry revolver/wallet type pocket holster combination .38 special.

    Why ? IMHO / IME, I have found drawing from a pocket on an assailant to be effective because it can used as a ruse, as if you are surrendering your wallet, no one carries a wallet strong side hip.
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  • bisleybisley Senior Member Posts: 10,798 Senior Member
    If, for some reason, I could only keep one of the handguns I own, I reckon it would be the S&W Model 66, or maybe the GP-100. Is either my favorite? - not really, but no gun nut can ever pick out the one best gun for every situation - that's why he owns 2 or 3 in every one of a dozen categories and sub-categories. So I'll just say that stainless steel revolvers seem to be the most practical...to me, of course.
    • .357 Magnum is still one the very best personal defense chamberings, and can be used for hunting medium sized game at bow & arrow ranges.
    • .38 Special is still a sweet-shooting round, and is great for practice and adequate for self defense.
    • Stainless steel revolvers are low maintenance and durable, as a rule
    • Revolvers are good for dry-fire practicing because there's no racking the slide
    • A revolver can sit in your underwear drawer for 30 years and still be ready to go (I know this because I did it with my old Security Six). If you left a loaded semi-auto undisturbed for that long, you would always wonder if the springs really would still be good.

    I would save this post to copy/paste next week, when somebody else asks it with some 'new' twist, but I'll probably change my mind before then. :tooth:
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