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It's Muzzle Loading Season, BUT!

snake284snake284 Posts: 22,429 Senior Member
Since I switched powders I need to shoot my rifle. I used 777 for the last two years, but alwasys wondered why I had misfires or fizzle fires as I call them. Then Tenn Mike and Teach suggested I go to Pyrodex for that rifle. Tennmike suggested Pyrodex Select so that's what I have. But it's been raining every since and i need to shooand make sure it's still on. I have missed a couple of nice deer because of fizzle fires so hopefully it will fire when I'm ready.

One good thing about taking a week or two off from the lease is maybe the big bucks will begin feeling comfortable out in the day light again. They had become pretty nocturnal the last month of the season.

As cold as it's been lately I figure the snakes are deep in their dens now so I plan on crawling up where the deer live in the thick brush and ambushing me a nice buck. When I hunt like this I act like I'm bowhunting and I go the full 9 yards, like shower with unscented soap, use unscented deoderant, use descenting spray like Scentaway or something, and put some **** piss around where I sit (There's a gillion coons out there). I also have something called Calming liquid that to me doesn't smell much different that **** piss. One ounther thing I like to do is take a nice onion along. Onions grow wild here and I bite the onion to kill any breath issues.
I have a full camo set to wear and my rife isn't real shiney so if I'm still, I should be able to sucker a big deer close enought to hit and kill with the 50 Caplock. This would be a life time high in hunting to kill a trophy buck with a Muzzle loader like this. And the rain has slacked up. So A hunting I will go.

But first, I think I'll go out and top off my feeders to get or keep deer in the area. Then I'll probably go out in a couple days and start hunting. I have until Sunday to do this but the moon is dark and it's supposed to stay cold until then.

My question is, "Do I need to see a Phsychiatrist?:silly::buff2::popcorn::tooth:
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  • HAWKENHAWKEN Posts: 1,720 Senior Member
    Snake, Find some clear 1/8" tubing, the kind used for gas lines on a weed eater, cut several short pieces, about 1/8" long or slightly longer, and push one over your cap and nipple. That will seal it from moisture intrusion, and doesn't impede the firing. Put a piece of scotch tape over the end of the barrel, after you have loaded it. The gush of air being pushed up by the ball or bullet will shatter the tape. This should help with your moisture problems. I have used such a method to successful fire my caplock, in a pouring rain..........Robin
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  • VarmintmistVarmintmist Posts: 8,305 Senior Member
    Black tape over the barrel works to. Didnt they, at one time, use grease on the nipple to seal it? Anything would work. GOT IT!!! Chapstick would seal the nipple and not compromise the cap. Some flintlockers will use it around the pan if they have a less than perfect frizzen/pan match. The flinter answer is a cows knee which would work on a percussion also.
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  • TeachTeach Posts: 18,428 Senior Member
    Here's dimensions for making a "cow's knee" cover- - - -works on flint or percussion locks. Remember to grease the leather well.


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