750 years ago....... The turning point for democracy that gets overlooked

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''In June the world will celebrate 800 years since the issuing of Magna Carta.

But 2015 is also the anniversary of another important, and far more radical, milestone in British democratic history, writes Luke Foddy.''


''Almost exactly 750 years ago, an extraordinary parliament opened in Westminster.

For the very first time, elected representatives from every county and major town in England were invited to parliament on behalf of their local communities.

It was, in the words of one historian, "the House of Commons in embryo.

The January Parliament, which first met on 20 January 1265, is one of the most significant events in British democratic history.

The election of two knights from every shire and two burgesses from the towns helped establish the two-member county constituencies that endured until the 20th Century.

The delegates coming to parliament in 1265 even had their costs covered - a sort of 13th-Century MPs' expenses.''

''The ruling king in 1265 was Henry III, but Henry wasn't really ruling anything. It was Simon de Montfort, the rebel earl of Leicester, who was in control, having seized power the year before.

Montfort, who called the January Parliament, was the leader of a political faction that sought major reform of the realm. Fed up with Henry's misrule, as they saw it, these barons had confronted the King and, at a parliament in Oxford in 1258, forced him to adhere to a radical programme of reform. This resulted in an appointed council sharing power with the monarch. ''

The roots of democracy?

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    Indeed. Leicester *had* to do something, what with Fat Henry always having his hands full of something...
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    I knew these events had to have taken place for Parliament as we know it today to come about, but this points out to me that I need to refresh my English history because, though I remember the major outcomes, I have forgotten a lot of the steps that got it there. I know that in the 1600s that Parliament really grew teeth, which was really the big step up from the Magna Carta for the common man, but there were several baby steps that had to be taken to get there and this one with King Henry the Turd, was an important one. Thanks for sharing shush and as we both know, the American Revolution wasn't only about Americans. It was a process that took several hundred years. Now we have the devil raising his ugly head trying to wipe out a thousand years of gain. All Freedom loving people should remember where we came from. The Freedoms and liberties we have and enjoy today didn't just fall in our laps.
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