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How far do "your" deer run?



  • Uncle FesterUncle Fester Senior Member Posts: 1,432 Senior Member
    knitepoet wrote: »
    Last night's tracking adventure here has me wondering what's "normal" when it comes to how far you have to track a well hit deer you've shot with a rifle.

    I know there are too many variables involved for a direct animal to animal comparison, but I'm just looking for a general idea "If I make a good hit on a deer with my rifle, I normally find them on the ground within _____ of where I shot them" kind of thing

    My experience has been they normally run out of oxygen and or blood and are on the ground within 50-60 yards from where they were standing when shot. I've had more fall WELL inside that, to even DRT, than I have had ones like last night's that run 4x that far.

    I'm still trying to wrap my head around what happened last night :uhm:

    SO, on a "good hit" to the chest, with your preferred rifle, how far do your deer normally go before piling up?

    When my M700 drops a nice 150 grain .270 into the sweet spot, the don't run anywhere.

    They might bound once or twice, but no running.
  • Great OutdoorsGreat Outdoors Member Posts: 323 Member
    Effects of shot placement

    Shot Location

    # Deer

    Yards Traveled












  • Great OutdoorsGreat Outdoors Member Posts: 323 Member
    Firearms and ammunition


    # Deer

    Yards Traveled

    .243 (6mm)









  • Great OutdoorsGreat Outdoors Member Posts: 323 Member
    that data came from a controlled study by the SC DNR
  • wildgenewildgene Senior Member Posts: 1,036 Senior Member
    ...of the deer I've shot in recent memory, w/ a .25-06, .25 WSSM, 7mm RM, .300 WSM only one has gone more than a few feet, a buck shot @ 330yds. w/ a 165gr. Sierra HPBT GameKing from the .300 WSM. He struggled to get back up after being knocked down by the shot, tipped over & skidded 150yds. down the hill. Only deer in the past few years that has actually run on me was a large, late season doe shot @ 80yds. w/ a 140gr. A-Max from a 6.5 Creedmoor. Ran 80yds. jumping a fence, stopped broadside, head down, second shot dropped her. Neither shot showed much evidence of expansion/ energy transfer w/ nice, neat holes thru the lungs & both sides of the rib cage. It really surprised me when she took off running after the first shot...
  • sherwoodsherwood Senior Member Posts: 1,220 Senior Member
    Most have been bang/flops. But when they run it's less then 50 yards. I've only had 1 run more and that was my fault for a bad shot. All have been with a 243, 270, 30-06 or 30-30.
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  • knitepoetknitepoet Senior Member Posts: 21,567 Senior Member
    Thanks guys

    GO, I'm looking for for first hand experiences instead of "Lab" data, but I appreciate the effort :beer:
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  • VarmintmistVarmintmist Senior Member Posts: 7,497 Senior Member
    If we go by cartridge, I can do a by memory though PWI at the moment.

    30-30, 125 gr Sierra pro hunters at about 2200 fps. The daughter took 5 buck, all were heart or lower lung and heart, with the last being the worst shot taking the bottom of the heart. I cant think of one that made 25 yards. The last one might have gone some distance but hit a tree which shut down his forward momentum.

    The son has 3 with the 25-06. 100gr Hornady SP at 3000 fps. His first was hit a bit back and got a good 125 -150 yards. The next was a two bounce that made 30 for no other reason then momentum. I did BDA on that one and it was dead before it kicked. It was hit in the shoulder meat. The third was hit over the heart and it was a two step then fall, max 5 yards.

    The wife with the 243 and 100gr Sierras has put up 4-5 and they have all been good heart lung hits, save one, with the distance being a bounce and crash. She made a poor hit on a button buck and it got about 50 before it laid down. A second finished it.

    My 50 cal FL doe was a neck shot that dropped where it stood. Finished with a knife. I was aiming for the shoulder and was a little right, hit spine just in front of the shoulder.

    The first with the 54 was a heart and it went 25-30. The second was this year. A double lung and probably a hundred. As least the drag felt like it.

    06's.... well, a lot. Without the head shots included... Most were normal kick bounce crash under 30. The memorable ones were 2 doe that went DRT, the 8 pt that kicked, stopped, then decided to run for a total of 60 ish, and a good hit with factory ammo that just ran the hundred+ because the bullet didnt expand.
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  • twatwa Senior Member Posts: 2,238 Senior Member
    Of the four I shot this year all dropped in their tracks except my bow kill and it only went about 20 yards. All rifle kills were with .308.
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