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What do we do about illegal immigrants?



  • BufordBuford Posts: 6,724 Senior Member
    I say put Billy Chuck in charge of the INS for a month.
    Just look at the flowers Lizzie, just look at the flowers.
  • robert38-55robert38-55 Posts: 3,621 Senior Member
    Teach wrote: »
    Ronald Reagan tried an "amnesty" program that was supposed to include enhanced border security. He got half of it- - - - -instant citizenship for a bunch of illegals, but no change in the swiss-cheese border. "People who don't study history are doomed to repeat its mistakes"! Seal the border tight as a whale's bunghole FIRST before doing anything else, then start putting employers of illegals in jail! Tyson chicken is one of the worst offenders. If their CEO was looking at some hard time on the inside, I wonder how fast their employment policies would be changed?

    Yea I remember that Teach!!!!!!!!!!
    People who don't study history are doomed to repeat its mistakes"!

    I have lost count of the number of times that I have said that^^^^^^^^^^^^^
    "It is what it is":usa:
  • robert38-55robert38-55 Posts: 3,621 Senior Member
    tennmike wrote: »
    Send the IRS after them for unpaid back taxes. That should motivate them to leave pretty quick.

    Man that should light a fire under their "Blessed Assurance" Good idea tennmike!!!!!!
    "It is what it is":usa:
  • NomadacNomadac Posts: 902 Senior Member
    Require ENGLISH as the official language and all signs, etc. If you cannot speak it go learn it or leave. Limit the amount of $$$ you can send to any foreign country, this will stop the dollars earned here being sent to support Mexico. Earn it here and spend it here, for starters, in addition to securing the borders.
  • robert38-55robert38-55 Posts: 3,621 Senior Member
    Many decades ago when the Senator McCarthy "Witch Hunt" was on for locating and dealing with communist in this country,got quite an arousal from a lot of different factions. A lot of Americans were concerned that the communist could and would take over this country. The old adage then was: "Theres enough communist in this country to take it over without firing a shot." I see a parallel here, with that and America's illegal immigration problem. " There's enough illegal aliens here in this country to take it without firing a shot."

    The latest data from Feb.,2011 states that the annual costs of illegal immigration at the federal state and local level to be about $113 billion. Thats about $29Billion for federal level and $84Billion at the state and local level. The collection of taxes from illegal's in both the 'above ground' and the 'underground' economy do not come anywhere close to matching the levels of these expenditures and are misleading at best. Illegal aliens cost each and every US individual taxpayer like me and you, an average amount per native-headed household of $1,117. Education for the children of illegal aliens constitutes the single largest cost to taxpayers, at an annual price tag of nearly $52Billion. Most of these cost are absorbed by state and local governments and these cost are not recouped through taxes collected from illegal aliens, because most illegal aliens "DONOT PAY INCOME TAXES." That's a bunch of crap as far as I am concerned. Ya'll here at the G & A board try NOT paying your taxes and see what happens to ya!!! Even the one that do bellyup and pay taxes 98% of what they did pay is refunded to the illegal aliens when they file a tax return,because they claim tax credits that result in payments from the US Treasury.

    With the sad shape of our economy, on the Local,State and Federal level and given the fact with many state budgets in deficit, policymakers have an obligation to look for ways to reduce the fiscal burden of illegal immigration/migration. The consequences if an amnesty for the illegal alien population were adopted would have the same results as when the one in 1986 was past.( past under Ronald Reagan). Tax collections would only increase by a very small margin if this amnesty law was past so this ain't no solution. The new legal status would make them eligible for receiving Social Security retirement benefits that would further jeopardize the future of the already shaky system. Not only that it would make them eligible for numerous other social assistance programs available for low-income populations. So the overall result would be an accentuation of the already enormous fiscal burden.

    .. One of the other cost of having excessive illegal's in this country is the medical cost that the states have to shell out for these folks. Case in point: When an illegal woman in the USA gets pregnant, its the state's that shell out for the medical care, usually about 10% of an overall state's budget. These mothers are covered by Medicaid, the subsequent medical insurance.There is a lot of medical expensives that never get compensated for by these illegals and their children, which only drives up the cost of mine and your health insurance premiums.
    There an ongoing debate in this country about what to do with the illegal immigration/migration problem in the USA. So far as far as I can determine at present I have only herd two solutions from most lawmakers, and politicians, and both ain't worth a hill of beans for a solution as far as I am concerned. Here are the two solutions that are being kicked around by our infamous leaders of politics and US domestic policy:

    1. Pursue a strategy that discourages future illegal migration and increasingly diminishes the current illegal alien population through denial of job opportunities and deportations.

    2. Repeat the unfortunate decision made in 1986 to adopt an amnesty that invited continued illegal migration.

    If I had to pick the lesser of two evils, I would vote for choice #1. Controlling our southern USA border was not a problem in 1965 as it is today. Back then the border patrol apprenensions per year were about 110,000 as compared to today with about one million per year. In order to get to the root problem of illegal immingration we need to do away with "Voluntary departure" procedures. Instead of giving a caught illegal an option of leaving the USA voluntarily, they need to be deported. The reason for this is simple. If a person is caught crossing the US border illegally and they are just simply apprehended and driven back to Mexico, and dumped off, then they will surely try to get in the USA again, and again, and again,until they are successful at it. Simple apprehension, will not deter those who are determined to enter the USA and stay here. I think the worse was around 1993 when our U.S.-Mexican border was truly porous especially in populated border crossing points due to lack of resources and low policy priority given to border management. I would like to know if anyone here is from El Paso,Texas, when the district Chief Silvestre Reyes, ( I think he's in the US Congress now) launched: "Operation Blockade" how that worked out for ya? I hear it was a success but its always nice to get information from someone who has been there.

    In conclusion what I am getting at here is that the Federal Govenment was failing to enforce existing laws against illegal entry into the United States, so states like Arizona and Alabama, took matters into their own hands and did something about it, now the Feds are up in Arms,about those state laws,and the Obummy administration has sinced filed lawsuit to strike down Arizona's immigration laws. Evreyone is screaming do something about "ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION/MIGRATION, but knowone wants to do what is necessary to get the job done. Yes there is going to have to be some hardcore decesions made and those decesions will no doubt piss off some people but what the heck!!!! We the US taxpaying citizens can't keep going on like this.It's going to put us in the poor house, and on the street. The effects of years and years of illegal immigration, political correctness, the unwanted expansion of the US Government, the out of control spending,the corruption thats rampant in our US and State Government, the stripping away of our constitional rights is leading us down the path to self-destruction as a Nation. People its got to stop and stop now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    "It is what it is":usa:
  • robert38-55robert38-55 Posts: 3,621 Senior Member
    Nomadac wrote: »
    Require ENGLISH as the official language and all signs, etc. If you cannot speak it go learn it or leave. Limit the amount of $$$ you can send to any foreign country, this will stop the dollars earned here being sent to support Mexico. Earn it here and spend it here, for starters, in addition to securing the borders.

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Another good solution^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Especially the part about speaking English!!!!!!!!!! I was born in the USA and I speak English,American, southern or what have ya.... I ain't learning no Spanish, Mexician, or Arabic, or any other Foreign language.
    "It is what it is":usa:
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