VLTOR TS3 Carbine review

bobrienbobrien AdministratorPosts: 106 Member

Check out Iain's take on this intriguing new carbine from VLTOR....you might have spied it on Top Shot last season.


  • Drewboy22Drewboy22 New Member Posts: 10 New Member
    Since topshot 3 - next on my list!

    It's a good write up, enjoyed reading it.

  • alphasigmookiealphasigmookie Senior Member Posts: 8,743 Senior Member
    I hate to be a downer, but it sounds like it's a bit on the heavy side and doesn't sound any more accurate than your average AR. What exactly makes it worth spending $2500 again?
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  • shotgunshooter3shotgunshooter3 Senior Member Posts: 5,417 Senior Member
    I hate to be a downer, but it sounds like it's a bit on the heavy side and doesn't sound any more accurate than your average AR. What exactly makes it worth spending $2500 again?

    Obviously it's the oversized magazine release.

    I agree though, it's a good write up, but if I'm getting up into that price range I'll either spring for an M1A, or save some money and go with Stag's new 3-gun oriented offering. Most realistically, I'd build my rig myself.
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  • JayhawkerJayhawker Moderator Posts: 15,055 Senior Member
    Frankly, I just can't see wrapping up that kind of money in one...I've got some stupidly accurate gas guns and never came close to wrapping that kind of money in them. There would have to be something really spectacular going on for me to consider it...
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  • NCFUBARNCFUBAR Senior Member Posts: 4,324 Senior Member
    Nice weapon and I am sure it runs like a tank and shots like a dream but $2500 not for me. For $2500 you could build with TOP SHELF parts through out (as directed by the AR masters here) wouldn't come close until it was top with VERY NICE glass.
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  • TSchubTSchub Senior Member Posts: 780 Senior Member
    The article was good. I like that rifle, but they have priced it out of my range. Enjoyed reading about it, though.
  • mythaeusmythaeus Senior Member Posts: 831 Senior Member
    The midlength Noveske barrel and the VLTOR VIS monolithic upper alone will set you back $1000. The Geiselle's trigger is another $230. The remaining parts (lower, BCG, stock, buffer system, LPK, BUIS,etc.), since they are premium brands would be another $600-700. Add the manufacturing cost, QA, etc and you can see why the gun is priced that high. Will it be better than a $1000 AR? Yes, in some ways I'm sure. Is it $1500 better? I don't think so. In a market saturated with affordable ARs and given the current state of the economy, the price of parts while may be justifiable, the gun itself doesn't really make sense.

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  • snake284snake284 Senior Member Posts: 21,851 Senior Member
    I don't know squat about ARs really. I know I love the looks of the Mil Surp M-16s back in the day even though there were a lot of problems. But if I have $2500 dollars to sink into a rifle, it's going to have a bolt attached and some great glass and it is going to be huntable for any big game. Sorry, I'm just not an AR freak. I want one someday but it probably won't cost much over $1000.
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