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Negligent AD at local "BATF"

AntonioAntonio Senior MemberPosts: 2,986 Senior Member
We have new gun laws, apparently better then the latest. Since all guns should be registered and politicians have "Adam complex", we had to do the paperwork all over again to fit new document standards.

Because of that, ALL the gun owners in the country (Around 300K including private security guards, CCW permit holders, hunters, sport shooters, etc.) have to pass a new gun inspection at the ONLY place currently prepared to gather and register the required relevant data.

That means loooong lines, redundant paperwork and waiting, and then waiting some more. I did it couple of weeks ago when the word hadn't spread yet and it was still mostly free. anyway, that meant seeing some (Me) people carrying a truckload of guns in assorted bags.

Basically you had to go into an office with your guns were a bunch of "inspectors", mere bored cops with hardly any firearm knowledge, checked them for correct markings, S//Ns, etc. and if that data was correlated to the info about you they have in their computers.

While doing so, they manipulate each gun, and not always with proper care. So today a couple of friends of mine were going through this bureaucratic nightmare when a guy next to them handed the "inspector" a semiauto 20GA shotgun; the guy grabbed it, pointed the gun upwards, racked the slide and pressed the trigger.

Bad idea inside a low ceiling concrete building; the gun fired and the owner got the ricocheting pellets straight in the face, mauling his right eye and his head; guy was quickly evacuated to the closest ER available. One of my friends even got hit in the arm with the debris, but nothing to care about.

Apparently the middle aged guy was a sporting clay shooter, according to what he was telling my friends while making line; huge neglect to take a loaded gun to an inspection, and handing it without first checking to a guy that we all local gun enthusiasts (In the spirit of present things, "Nut" sounds offensive to me) know to be careless and unprofessional.

Hopes this teaches or at least reinforces a lesson here and over there. Would be sad to know that the victim might be permanently affected, no matter how irresponsible he was.


  • 41magnut41magnut Senior Member Posts: 1,285 Senior Member
    Agreed, bad situation for all parties involved.

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  • Big ChiefBig Chief Senior Member Posts: 32,995 Senior Member
    I guess you could say the one guy got "Plastered" :tooth:

    I hope they all make a full recovery and they BOTH learned something.
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  • Diver43Diver43 Senior Member Posts: 12,329 Senior Member
    Bad thing to happen right after you gun laws loosening up just a bit
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  • AntonioAntonio Senior Member Posts: 2,986 Senior Member
    As expected, gun owners have been blamed. Starting Monday (Tomorrow starts a national holiday for our "4th. of July") those going for weaponry inspection will have to previously book an appointment in the institution's web page.

    Glad I went as soon as the procedure started and passed inspection to most of my guns with due licenses; the handful remaining can wait until later when the rush eases down.

    Such is life in the sub-tropics.
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