Passing Guns at Local Gun Stores.



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    Wambli Ska wrote: »
    We'll be voting in 30 minutes. Not quite sold on letting him stay.

    He does know his way around a pig, a pig whisperer if I may, I say we keep him.
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    It's hit or miss around my regular haunts, but most of the folks behind the counter clear the weapon and then hand it to me. I then check again myself out of habit. Then, just in case my usual bad luck is acting up, if I get permission to dry fire I check it a third time and aim it at an upper corner.
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    There is only one LGS that I really visit often and while mostly younger guys, they are all hardcore gun guys. They will check the action before handing it to me then I will check before handing it back. No problems here.
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    My grandsons always want to fondle their favorite guns when they come over. I have always checked the mags and chambers before handing to them, and make them check it again when I hand it to them. They used to think it was funny (old man thing, I guess), but they now do it automatically, without even thinking - that was my goal.

    I can't say that all the LGS's I have been to do the same, but I always check it, anyway.
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    Jayhawker wrote: »
    Being swept with a firearm makes me completely unreasonable....
    Yep. When oldest graduate from boot camp, some soldiers put on a demonstration, advancing toward the audience from across the field. They were sweeping the audience with their M4s constantly. After the ceremony, I spoke with the C/O and expressed my displeasure with 7 people sweeping me.

    I don't frequent the local shops enough to know how they handle them.

    I'm going to open the action and check irregardless of if it was checked before handing it to me. Even if handed to me open, I'm still going to look
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    I never liked the horizontal shoulder pistol holsters a lot of personnel were wearing on deployments walking/sitting/inline at the mess hall behind one with the muzzle pointing at you was unnerving........even though they supposedly had cleared them in a barrel /no round chambered when coming back inside the wire...............
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    (Fortunately?) by law, local gun stores only have single examples of deactivated guns for public showcase, and due to that not all clerks and/or public show proper handling of them. The rest of the guns are stored in government military depots and only retrieved by the sellers after owners are issued with their permits by the local "BATF".

    Stores aren't allowed to sell or even advertise used weapons.
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    Since they guys at my LGS always lay a gun mat down on the class in front of me, I make use of it. After they check it and hand it to me, I let them lay it down. Then I pick it up, check it, and look it over. After I'm done, I open the action (revolver or semi-auto) and set it down on the mat and tell them I'm finished. And I stay with it until he picks it up, if he's busy.
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    Of the 4 LGS's that I now frequent, the salespersons at 2 older establishments check every time before handing over any firearm. One store won't even get them off of the rack, unless you are interested in buying or are a regular customer. The 2 newer stores have people that do & don't check consistently.
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    The lgs I shop at and stop by often is run by the owner and no employees. He always checks and then so do I and if I want to dry fire I always ask and then check it again. Rifles however are out where they can be picked up and I always check them unless I am just picking them up to see the tag and they are still pointed up. Some customers however are stupid and I try to keep an eye on them. I always wondered if some people are that way all the time or just in gun shops and gun shows?
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    Hmmmm- - - - -I would imagine passing a gun would tend to get a little rough on the ol' hemmohroids, wouldn't it? I'd recommend a lot of Ex-Lax, and maybe some K-Y Jelly!
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    Zee wrote: »
    Antonio's thread about the AD got me to thinking and contemplating about a consternation of mine.

    When you're at a LGS requesting to look at a gun, does the clerk behind the counter clear the gun and lock the slide/bolt/action back or open the cylinder prior to handing it to you in a safe way or placing it on the counter in front of you?

    Assuming the gun is without gun lock as some of the bigger stores have on their firearms.

    It pisses the Hell out of me when a gun store clerk reaches into the counter or off the rack, retrieves the requested firearm and hands it to me muzzle first or without clearing the firearm in any way, shape, or form.

    That's how folks get hurt or killed by accident!

    So, whether cleared by the clerk or not, I first remove the magazine or open the cylinder and follow the proper clearing procedure for said firearm. Look at it as requested and, prior to handing it back butt first, I clear the gun again, lock the slide/bolt/action/cylinder and return it to the clerk. My clearing of the weapon upon receiving it or handing it back is for overall safety as well as everyone involved to have peace of mind that the weapon is clear and safe.

    I've been in a gun store (working) when a gun (customer's) went off and it weren't pleasant.

    Unfortunately, my LGS doesn't practice safe handling skills, though I've tried to teach them. Over........and over.........and over........

    What are you all used too?

    Show safe before handing me the gun. I always double check them anyways.

    When the Keltec 22 magnum pistol came out I wanted to handle one for curiosity sake. I asked to see it, went to clear it (handed to me unsafe) and was told "Don't pull the slide back." I looked at the old **** and set the gun back down and walked out of the store. Ain't been back since.

    The culture in there was horrid anyways. Still is based on he stories I hear coming out of there.
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