Kansas Deer Season, Day 6

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Man, it has been a rough season...we've been rained out, froze out, mudded out...caught a break this afternoon and it warmed up to about 38 degrees with a 2-3 mph West wind. Got out to the stand and got set up this afternoon right at 3:30...about 4 I saw something out in the wheat moving about but heading in my direction...binoculars showed it to be Brer Possum...little feller made his way to about 10 yards from me...something snapped off to my right and the grinner froze and began starting in the direction of the noise....Antlers!....lots of antlers!... he fooled around in the cover for a half hour or so before coming out...my shot was blocked by brush and I was looking dead into the sun...Shortly thereafter several does showed up... Mr. Buck singled one out and ran off with her. I'm left with a half dozen does out about 100 yards...two of them are really big old girls...who have conveniently grazed out of the sun. I've had the 6.8 up on the tripod all this time so it was just a matter of putting the crosshairs on a neck. At the shot...she goes down, deer scatter, mostly running in circles trying to figure out which way to run and....


Two really nice does...my season over until I run into town and get the rest of my doe tags (3)
Daylight was fading fast so I didn't have time for more than one picture...

6.8 SPC, 110 grain BTHP....Doe #1: 102 yards, Doe #2: 124...both went down where they stood...no chasing, no tracking...just the way I like it...

Really, I could have walked away from this and saved myself a really miserable drag X2 across that muddy wheatfield....But...I got a plan....keeping in mind that my wife has her buck tag, and these deer come out about the same time every day...and it's a really easy spot to set up on, I'm thinking I'm going to set my wife up to get her first buck...and he should be a pretty good one...more to come...
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  • JayhawkerJayhawker Moderator Posts: 15,205 Senior Member
    In the picture...the fence line runs N/S. Based on other nights activities in the corner of that field...the deer cross into the wheat field further to the south (moving west to east) along the fence line...then graze to the North and pile up in the corner...also...(no shots to the west anyway...they are feeding cattle out in that direction)...I was set up to take advantage of what they had been doing...not what they did...guess they showed me...a slight tweak will put the wife in a position to kill a nice buck within 200 yards...
    Sharps Model 1874 - "The rifle that made the west safe for Winchester"
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    Cool pic:up: got to love two down in one field. Congrats.

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    man that's great. I hope you get your wife all set up for the buck. It's fun taking someone hunting, expecially for their first buck!
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    Really, nice hunt.
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    Cool beans. Looks like a good hunt with a good pic of both does.
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