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Mean Mister Miggerjad over on Iran Street won't give me my plane back!

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A lesson in modern Middle East diplomacy...

Little Joey Biden was sitting on his front steps, sniffling, wiping his nose on his sleeve.

"What's he crying' about now?" Barry asked. "He's always complaining. Hillary, you ain't been holdin' the ball on keep-away like usual, have you?"

"Nope." Hillary looked over at little Joey. "He busts into tears the littlest thing you do, I don't even want to play with him any more."

"Let's ask Ronnie Paul -- he's pretty smart." Barry waved across the street where Ronnie Paul was playing with his doctor game. "Hey Ronnie! What's up with Little Joe?"

Ronnie came across to talk with Barry and Hillary. Barry and Hillary liked him but he was so smart that lots of times they hadn't a clue what he was talking about. "I think it's Mean Old Mister Miggerjad over on Iran street.

"Oooh, I don't like him," Hillary said. "He's always yelling at me when I ride my bike past his house. And he hollers nasty stuff at Abie Silverstein all the time."

"But know what I heard?" Hillary grinned to reveal a secret. "Late Saturday night Abie and his brother Aaron TP'd Mister Miggerjad's house!"

"Gosh," Barry exclaimed. "I'd never have the courage to do that!"

"Me neither," Ronnie Paul agreed. "I think the best thing would be to be nice to him and talk to him more, maybe mow his lawn for free or something." He nodded. "Then I'd tell those Silverstein boys to cut it out."

"Ha ha!" Hillary laughed. "Last Spring Mister Miggerjad was building all that stuff in his basement, making all that noise, and you asked him nice to stop. He just made fun of you. Look how far that got." Hillary laughed again. "And you try to tell the Silverstein boys to do something they don't want to, they'll whup your behind and send you home crying to your mama."

Little Joey Biden saw the other kids and came toward them, still sniffling and starting to cry again. "Can you help me, anybody?"

Barry was sort of their leader, only for easy games of course, so he spoke up. "What happened?"

Joey Biden pointed down the block, sniffled. "Mean Old Mister Miggerjad took my new model plane! My daddy said I could fly it by myself but I had to keep it in the yard. I guess I got kinda excited and let it go past over to Iran street, and it landed right in Mister Miggerjad's yard. Before I could run and get it, Mister Miggerjad ran outside and took it away and laughed at me, said he was gonna keep it!"

"Don't worry, Joey," Barry said. "I'll just march up there, knock on his door, and ask politely for him to give it back."

"And you really think that's gonna work?" Hillary laughed.


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