Wine Connoisseurs Step Inside



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    Wambli Ska wrote: »
    I loved those when I was a kid. My mom hated when I did that...

    I wasn't much on Ketchup sandwiches but Mayo were wonderful! And not that sweet ass Miracle Whip. I prefer good old Kraft Mayo. It has just a twist of lemon in it and lots of eggs, of which the combo makes my mouth water just thinking about. I don't give a flip about Helmans, it tastes like Butter. If I want butter then I'll eat a Bread and Butter Sandwich (Much Better than Helmans), which BTW, I'm not too opposed to when the mood strikes me.

    On seafood I prefer Tarter Sauce. I love my own brew of that. However, fresh out of the bay oysters I prefer with Ketchup. Nothing better than to go out on the bay after a cold ass norther has blown the tide out and pick up individual oysters and take em home and open up a quartor two, soak em in beer and bread em in yellow corn meal and fry em up. That, with a big ol' glass of iced tea is a real treat. A little work, but the pleasure is well worth the effort.

    The same can be said for Flounder too. Some of the best breakfasts I can ever remember was mornings when we'd get in from a floundering trip with 50 or 100 flounder iced down is when we'd take a few of the smaller flounder out, fillet them and fry em up just like I described the oysters. My GOD that's manna from heaven!!!

    Damn it's easy to get off subject here! Ok Back on subject, whatever it was!!!


    Hey, I guess Jerm's Bum Ho... I mean wine would go good with this too!!!
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    It's only true if it's on this forum where opinions are facts and facts are opinions
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    tennmike wrote: »
    Sounds like an eclectic mix! I wouldn't mind a taste of the finished product! One thing I know for sure, it HAS to be better than that bacon flavored vodka! :vomit::roll2:

    Good grief, I'll never forget that crap!
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