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Burris Warranty Report

Uncle FesterUncle Fester Senior MemberPosts: 1,479 Senior Member
A while back, I bought a Fastfire III for my S&W Victory. Since I liked the iron sights, I never got around to mounting it. When I finally mounted it, I couldn't get it to work correctly - probably my fault.

Finally, I decided to see what Burris could do for me. "Send it back to us. We'll make it right." Friday, I found a brand new optic in my mailbox.

Unfortunately, it was missing the picatinny mount that it had on it. When I called Burtis to discuss the issue, I was told that I should have removed it prior to sending it in. BUT, they would take care of that as well.



  • mitdr774mitdr774 Member Posts: 1,582 Senior Member
    I had less than satisfactory results from their CS. Everyone has a different experience.
  • knitepoetknitepoet Senior Member Posts: 22,202 Senior Member
    mitdr774 wrote: »
    I had less than satisfactory results from their CS. Everyone has a different experience.
    Care to share details?
    Here's mine

    When I bought the 6-24x44 Signature for my Grendel AR, it had "issues" (adjustments were unreliable, 1 click might move POI the stated 0.125 in the direction intended, or might move it 2-3" a different direction). I sent it back (on my dime) got it back and was told there was nothing wrong with it.
    Continued having the same issue. Called Burris again and was basically told, "We've checked it once, nothing is wrong with it. We won't give you another RA to send it back again."
    Got PO'd, called the company I bought it from (Graf & Sons) and was immediately sent up the ladder to one of the higher ups. After telling him the situation, he told me that was unacceptable and told me since they have a little more "pull" with the Burris, let him call them and he'd call me back.

    A couple of hours later HE called me back and gave me a Burris RA#. I sent it back again on my dime, this time, there was a report of a small metal "curly que" (shaving?)that was interfering with the movement of the erector tube included when I got it back. The scope has been utterly reliable (and repeatable) ever since.

    IMO I shouldn't have had to send it back TWICE for the same problem and if the customer says they are still having issues, refusing to recheck it isn't necessarily a smart course of action.

    For the record, of the 8 or so scopes/optics I've purchased since then, only ONE was a Burris.

    Edited to add: Also the guy @ Grafs told me if either he couldn't get Burris to look at it again, or I was still having issues when I got it back this time, to call him and he personally, would give me a RA and call tag to return it to them for replacement :up:
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  • mitdr774mitdr774 Member Posts: 1,582 Senior Member
    I sent in two scopes for repair. One was a 3-9x40 that would not hold its adjustment. At 25 yards it would not put two holes in a 24x24 target. Swapped the scope with another 3-9x40 and my issue was resolved. Put the issue scope on a different rifle and my issue was back. Logic states that the erector in the scope is somehow not functioning properly. This scope was returned with a note stating that there was nothing wrong with it and didnt need repaired. The odd part is that they clearly took it apart and played with something. This is also the oiliest scope I have ever handled. It came back filthy and covered in some oily residue.

    Scope number two was a 1.75-5x20 (I think) that had fogged internally, but had absolutely no other issues. Their note said that the erector was damaged and since they couldnt repair it they sent me a replacement. The replacement was a 2-7x?? imported scope. This was supposedly an equal replacement. Not sure how a scope that sells new for less than the one they replaced sells for used is an equal replacement.

    I paid shipping to send in the scopes and got back an apparently still broken one and a cheaper lower quality one. If I had been told that they were going to replace the made in USA scope with an imported one, I would have told them to just send back my broken one. I would have gladly placed it on a shelf as a memory of trips with my dad. I threw the 3-9 on a .22 and will eventually see if it holds zero or not. I suspect it wont. I still have a few other Burris scopes left, but if they fail they will be smashed and taken to the recycling center. I have no desire to ever buy another burris product. They really need some work with the customer relations department. Their warranty means nothing to me if they wont fix an obvious issue and then claim another had an issue it didnt have, just to replace it with a non equal item. I gave the replacement scope to my dad to use, as I will never put it on a rifle of mine.

    That is the short version of my experience. The long version is full of lack of communication and at minimum misinformation on their end.
  • FreezerFreezer Senior Member Posts: 2,089 Senior Member
    I've had four Burris products and wouldn't Pi$$ on the best part of a Burris. I've found their CS to be bad.
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  • jaywaptijaywapti Senior Member Posts: 4,993 Senior Member
    My guess is the bean counters took over the company, I cant speak from present experience since the last time i bought a Burris scope was over 20 years ago. I have several Burris scopes, in the past there CS has always been good to me.

  • FisheadgibFisheadgib Senior Member Posts: 5,797 Senior Member
    I read that Burris was aquired by Beretta in 2002 and things may have changed around then. I own three Burris scopes and have never had any problems with them but I did notice that one of my 3.5x10x50 FFII's is marked made in USA and my other identical one is made in the Philippines. I also own an MTAC 3.5x10x42 and I can't find any markings on the scope, box, or paperwork that say where it's made.
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