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19 y/o killed in Afg..

centermass556centermass556 Senior MemberPosts: 3,534 Senior Member
On 3 July, PFC Hansen Kirkpatrick from Wasilla, Alaska was killed.

You don't really think of this anything new. But it occurred to me while I was this morning, Hansen was 2 y/o when this war started. Fraking 2.

What the Frak are we still doing there that we couldn't do in the last 17 years. I don't know if I have told many of y'all, but I lost confidence in the Afg mission in 2011. There is no winning that fight. Those people really don't care about a central government or anything we want to put there. They care about surviving and don't care who it is that helps them do it.

But we abandoned the fight in a place where we could have made a difference...just to go back and start again because of the mess we left...

Thanks for reading my quick rant. I don't know why this one hit me hard. It was worse than when I heard the news 2 years ago about Drew. Maybe it is because I am headed back.. I dunno

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  • shushshush Senior Member Posts: 6,259 Senior Member
    First Anglo-Afghan War (1839–1842)

    Second Anglo-Afghan War (1878–1880)

    Third Anglo-Afghan War (1919)

    Fourth Anglo-Afghan War (November 2001 – October 2014) part of the War in Afghanistan (2001–present)

    You are preaching, for us over here mate. All we ever did was keep the Russians out of the British Raj
  • JayhawkerJayhawker Moderator Posts: 17,287 Senior Member
    Thinking that our system of government is the end-all be-all everywhere in the world, regardless of historic tribalism and theocracy demonstrates the hubris of America.....Democracy just isn't the answer everywhere....
    Sharps Model 1874 - "The rifle that made the west safe for Winchester"
  • 6EQUJ5 - WOW!6EQUJ5 - WOW! Banned Posts: 482 Member
    Simply put, perpetual conflict keeps the mega corporations in power. While the global elite are licking their thumbs as they count the trillions that give them absolute power and control over our very government, countless Americans are dying, and for what? - the propaganda of installing so-called 'freedom' and 'democracy' in a region that will always despise that philosophy? Sadly, the western nations have been playing the role of world cop for so long that power and greed have completely taken over any semblance of what was once good intentions. Unintended consequences will always be the end result. What makes it even more horrifying, because it has gotten so out of control, nuke capable nations that teeter on the brink of collapse from within now pose as a clear and present danger that cannot be ignored.
  • john9001john9001 Senior Member Posts: 668 Senior Member
    We are not there to fight a war, we are building a nation and winning hearts and minds. That's what happens when you let the Dept of State run things.
  • sgtrock21sgtrock21 Senior Member Posts: 1,933 Senior Member
    john9001 wrote: »
    We are not there to fight a war, we are building a nation and winning hearts and minds. That's what happens when you let the Dept of State run things.
    The "State of Confusion".
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