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Great hunting days this week

TurdusMerulaTurdusMerula Posts: 362 Member
This last week has been great when it comes to hunting. On Wednesday I got home early from the work so I decided to change my clothes there and drive straight my one hour drive to my hunting area. In that way I have at this time of year a little over two hours time before darkness. Went to deer blind and started waiting. It was quiet evening but a small flock of Eurasian jays kept me entertained.

It was starting to get dark and I hadn't seen anything. We can legally hunt even during night hours but without snow it's impossible. About 15 minutes before it would have been too dark to see anything I saw a young buck coming into the field. I quickly put my Zeiss' red point just behind the shoulder and pulled the trigger. 180gr TTSX took it's flight through the 120 yard path and dropped the deer. Seventh deer of the season was reality.

Yesterday was a moose hunt again with our hunting entourage. First drive for me was in a small "valley" and after about 45 minutes I heard my father shoot in the nearby rock hill. He radioed that he had shot a bull calf and that cow was coming towards my stand. Didn't see anything and after a while I went to search the place through thick brushes. Had to search for about 15 minutes until I saw him and a couple other members in a big, flat rock hill.
We lit up the fire and barbecued some sausages and drank coffee all together and changed some hunting stories.

After that we decided our strategy for the next drive. I went again with my dad to the familiar stands where we have been many times. We have to walk through the huge, flat rock hill to get there. I love that hill. It has wide open spaces and small rock walls built in the past times. That was empty drive otherwise but one member shot an deer on his stand about a mile from us.

Then we started out third and last drive for the day. Other dog handler started his drive from my stand and as soon as he disappeared from my sight with his dachshund I heard barking. Drive was on full throttle! I started to watch forest in front of me if any deer or moose is coming on my way, but unfortunately dog's bark faded away. After about five minutes I heard a shot and radio told us that another calf was down. Bummer! I hadn't even seen any moose this year let alone aimed at anything. I stayed in my place and waited. Waited for about 30 minutes until I saw one bull moose coming from the thick part of the forest into my firing sector. Unfortunately we have only one bull moose license left and we have decided that it has to be at least 15 pointer until anyone will shoot the last bull. But it wasn't many seconds until I saw a big cow walking after the 6 point bull moose. They were behind the branches so I could not try to shoot it. Then I saw third bull coming after the two! Oh boy, this is getting interesting. Will they spot or smell me before I can get a shot at the cow. I was a silent, motionless black grave in the forest for over ten minutes. I radioid other that I'm having three moose at my sight. After long ten minutes cow started walking into more open space about 70 yards from me. They hadn't spotted me yet and I took a place where I would shoot her when she clears the trees between us. She stopped and looked at me but at the same time I squeezed my Savage Axis' trigger and 180gr TSX was already on it's way. It hit the shoulder of the cow and at the same time _three_ bulls bolted besides me. Biggest one had 12+ spikes :)

Cow run away from me but I knew I hit her good so I just watched until she fell after about 90 yard run. Went there and gave here a A coup de grâce. It was my third moose ever. I was happy for the animal and happy for the clean shooting. A what a huge cow she was! After gutted, skinned etc. she weighted 600lbs.

Happy man. Two great hunting experiences for this week. My third moose and second kill for my new Savage Axis.

To see a World in a Grain of Sand And a Heaven in a Wild Flower
Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand And Eternity in an hour
-William Blake-


  • TurdusMerulaTurdusMerula Posts: 362 Member

    To see a World in a Grain of Sand And a Heaven in a Wild Flower
    Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand And Eternity in an hour
    -William Blake-
  • TurdusMerulaTurdusMerula Posts: 362 Member
    To see a World in a Grain of Sand And a Heaven in a Wild Flower
    Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand And Eternity in an hour
    -William Blake-
  • snake284snake284 Posts: 22,429 Senior Member

    Damn Turdus, that looks like a steer! Beautiful. I love reading your stories. It looks like you use the same bandelero I use. The one on the buttstock. I have one on most all my rifles. It's good to know that hunting is alive and well around the world.

    I went to Germany back in 1997. Went to a place 18 Kilometers out of Nuremburg to visit my then wife's family. There I met a guy whose wife was the neice of my wife's counsin George's wife Anna. Her Neice was Claudia, a tall Red Headed Frau. Claudia's husband was named Rheinhardt and he had arranged a tasting of several German Beers for me at his house. We had a fantastic afternoon drinking beer and talking about guns and hunting.

    I met Rheinhardt's father who didn't speak much English but Rheinhardt interpreted or filled in for us and we had a great visit. They told me the grand father, his father's father, was kept in prison during WWII because he bad mouthed Adolf Hitler all the time. He hated Nazis. But the interesting thing was he was a farmer and they let him out in the spring and summer to plant and harvest the crops. .

    Anyway, as Rheinhardt, his father, and I talked, Rheinhardt ask me, "Do you hunt?" I said "Hell yeah I hunt." He then ask me "What do you hunt?" I told him I hunted deer and hogs mostly. He got very excited and told me that he had bought a machine that throws grain out at timed intervals and built a little house about 50 meters from the machne. He called it his shooting house. I said we called that machine a feeder and the house a Blind and that I had feeders and blinds also. He said he loved to shoot the wild boar at which point I Really knew I was amongst friends. We had a great afternoon talking and sharing and drinking some of the best beer in the world. I told him He could have been born in Texas, to which he laughed. He ask me, "Do I look like Cowboy?" And we all laughed. Those were great times and the beer was so damn good too!
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  • NNNN Posts: 25,226 Senior Member
    Nice place you live, hey.
  • earlyearly Posts: 4,950 Senior Member
    Those woods are really nice!
    That hanging meat is making my mouth water.
    My thoughts are generally clear. My typing, not so much.
  • ZeeZee Posts: 28,164 Senior Member
    You have quite the outdoor view.
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  • Diver43Diver43 Posts: 12,630 Senior Member
    Your freezers must be full
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  • bellcatbellcat Posts: 2,040 Senior Member
    Looks fun...great pics, thanks for sharing.
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