New Glock 17MOS

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Picked up one of these Glock 17 MOS to go with the suppressor and found a Trijicon RMR in OD green on clearance from Midway for $289, or about half price. These come with several different mounting plates for optics and even one for the RMR but...the screws don't work, they're too long. So you have to order another plate with shorter screws from Trijicon directly ($20.) Installed a SilencerCo threaded barrel, Glock Store flared magwell, Tungsten guide rod, and lucky clover slide cover plate. Excited to see how it works! I have an extra set of Trijicon suppressor sights now that we did the RMR instead, thinking about picking up a 26 to fit the sights, something intrigues me about a suppressed 26 with a 33rd mag to counter the weight of the suppressor, it may be silly but I'm thinking about giving it a try unless someone gives me a better idea.




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    Looks like a world class HD or :fan:gun!!!
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    I for one like it a lot
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    I like it.
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