Oldest grand son's deer

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I never posted this because photobucket quit working, so I'll use it to test the new forum interface.

It's an 8 point, shot at 175 yards with the 7mm-08 I gave to his dad (Weatherby Vanguard Carbine). One shot kill, as he has been doing since he was 9 yo. He ran about 30 yards, after the shot, a double lunger.

Our small lease has been fouled up for a year, since the pipeline construction and timber company activity during last year's deer season. The deer were back, to some extent, this year, but there were plenty of acorns, so the does weren't stopping to eat corn from the feeders. Several good deer were seen, but they were always just traveling across and not allowing time to make a good shot. James and his dad were in my blind, for this one, and his dad made his version of a low grunt, while he tracked the shot with the rifle. The deer stopped, broadside, for just a second and he nailed him, a little higher than he aimed for, but still good enough to get both lungs. It was a good shot, probably even a little further than his dad's 175 yard estimate.


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    Good picture of a nice deer!
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    Well, it seems that I actually did post this picture, before. Oh well, I needed to test the new interface, anyway.
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    Very nice!!
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    Congrats to the young man
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    Most excellent!
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    Nice deer great story
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    Nice deer
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    Good shot, nice deer, and a story to go with it! Congratulations to your grandson!
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