The Mass Shooting You’ll Never Hear About

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The Mass Shooting You’ll Never Hear About
Maybe the Broward County Sheriff should contact Gardena, CA PD to find out how to prevent School Shootings.


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    More than enough laws to deal with the problem. The problem is the laws aren't used.
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    Don't know who will see it but link sent to the President.
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    The far left does not care about shootings, they only use them as a tool to attempt to overturn the constitution and make firearns illegal.
    Teenagers even smart ones can not organize a national movement in hours. That plan was set up long before it happened. 
    If they really wanted to stop or atleast keep guns out of people that shouldnt have them a number of actions could take place, starting with: When NICS is called and a purchase denied, local PD can be dispatched, credentials checked and if denial was correct, an arrest made.  If incorrect a che k was made in person and apologies made for the delay and life continues. That would be a start
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    Shame but true.  National news only if it fits the agenda...
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