Best Argument for the 2nd Amendment

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McMinn County War, 1946.
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With a 1911 and a 30-06


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    Hmmmm. Athens, Tennessee. I am sure Wambli is familiar with the place.
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    I would have gone back further to the Lincoln County War.
    "To have really lived, you must have almost died. To those who have fought for it, freedom has a flavor the protected will never know."
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    I'll have to google this one.

    I like the non partisan moniker.
    The idea of confronting local goverments is one Ive never heard brought up. It always seems centered on Federal tyranny. It's difficult for me to imagine citizen armed resistance to crooked government like in Illinois or privatised dictorial oligarchy like some municipalities in Michigan without the National Guard being deployed.
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    Are you kidding? The only thing more corrupt than the Federal gov't, is a local gov't!
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    My Karma ran over your Dogma!
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    Whiskey Rebellion, Shays Rebellion....
    It's boring, and your lack of creativity knows no bounds.
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    I grew up south of McMinn County in Bradley County, and now live west of McMinn close by the TN River. That was a subject of discussion around the pot bellied stove in the country store I hung out at on up into the '60s when I was growing up, and taught in Tennessee history classes in grade and High School.

    Those WWII veterans had already fought the Axis tyranny only to find themselves home smack in the middle of one in their county. They didn't 'cotton' to that and the ballot stuffing by the Sheriff, and did what had to be done. The Sheriff and his deputies were no match for battle hardened veterans. And the veterans had dynamite whose use encouraged the Sheriff and his deputies to give up! :smiley:
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