Deer Head vs. .50cal BMG



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    Way to burst my bubble, I thought I wanted a .50 cal, not now;)
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    I thought there would be a lot more damage
    But science proved my way of thinking wrong
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    Nonsense, the magical .50 cal vaporizes everything in its path that doesn't implode before the bullet even arrives out of fear. 

    Not sure why folks think that bullet, regardless of mass, is going to perform any differently than other similar bullet designs. Now, load up some flavor of .50 hollow point and that should make a mess as would any other HP.

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    I really thought that the hits to the head would have done a little more damage than that. I've seen quite a few pics of bodies and livestock hit by .50's in Vietnam and while not catastrophic, there were golfball to baseball sized holes in most of the things hit.
    Yeah, but what you were witnessing in Vietnam, were most likely Military rounds. There seems to be some difference in the Military and the A-Max. But I would have thought the A-Max would be a bit more frangible than the military unless the Military rounds were some kind of specialty round.
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    Thanks for your dedication to 'science' Zee. I 'like'' this thread.
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    Interesting science project. I'd have expected a little more damage, but not much more, from the bullet given the diameter. The A-max bullet in .50 cal. is a pretty heavily jacketed bullet. Basically a high speed half inch drill bit.

    Regarding the rifle you're shooting, if it's giving you a headache, and the headache is from whiplash from recoil, may I suggest a more substantial and efficient brake? :smile:

    SNAKE, military ball round (black tip) has a steel core inside a heavy gilding metal jacket with a really tiny amount of lead in the tip. They don't expand, AT ALL, unless they hit something made of armor. The M-2 armor piercing ball ammo is constructed like this. The M-2 ball lead core antipersonnel ammo doesn't expand on flesh, either. FMJ isn't really designed to expand, anyway.
    Here's a pic of the M-2 Armor piercing bullet I cut in half to show construction several years ago. Guess the loaded round for bonus points. :)

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    The Barrett has a better brake but crappy accuracy. 
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