Alan Dershowitz very negative on appointment of special prosecutor

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and he voted for Hillary.   I've seen him several times on several Fox News shows, such as Hannity and Laura Ingraham.  He thinks it's a bad idea in general, and should have never been done.  One point he makes is that it charges the prosecutor with finding SOMETHING and gives him basically unlimited resources to do so.  If said prosecutor fails to deliver, he will be considered a huge failure.

BTW, he was also against the special prosecutor for the Clinton investigation in the 90s based on the same grounds.

It's interesting to hear what he has to say.


Gun control laws make about as much sense as taking ex-lax to cure a cough.


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    Dershowitz is very credible to moderates and liberals who are not on the 'impeach Trump' train, by virtue of being a lifelong liberal Democrat, and a Harvard law professor. He may just be sucking up for a Supreme Court appointment, but his arguments sound right. He is actually in agreement with Joseph DiGenova on several subjects involving the FBI corruption - something that has probably never happened, or at least rarely happened.
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    In our legal system all prosecutors should always be viewed with some suspicion and reserve. From the smallest municipal court, all the way to the DC dome. Career advancement depends on convictions, not justice.

    Television and general ignorance proliferate the false assumtion of guilt without proof.
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