South Dakota and Montana turkey hunt success!



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    Six-Gun said:
    Osceolas are a bird that I've never even laid eyes on.  I would love to bag one, but rumor has it that they are the hardest birds to call of all turkey subspecies.  Long term, hunting them is a matter to applying for a public land hunt in southern Florida (which are apparently extremely well-managed, limited draw hunts), or simply going with an outfitter an keeping it simple. 
    Don't forget those Ocellated turkeys down in Mexico, in the Yucatan, if I recall correctly....awfully pretty birds...weirdly colorful...
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    Theyl oscellared birds are gorgeous.  I heard somewhere that they’re theorized to be the missing link between peacocks and turkeys.  That’ A trip that I mist make someday.  I hear that those birds must be 100% patterned like my South Dakota hunt, as they supposedly don’t respond to calling at all.
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    Funny thing about the Osceola  turkeys here in Florida.  They are tough to find (during season)

    I have seen more of them right off the shoulder of I-95 strutting around than I have in the field. 

    People pay dearly to hunt them here. I was lucky to have been invited on private property.

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    Sounds a lot like the Iowa birds.  They actually have a lot of birds, but I have seen far more strutting on the highway median than anywhere else!
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    CHIRO1989 said:
    Dang! You snuck up to a FLOCK of turkeys in MT?! Nicely done is an understatement, thanks for posting up the hunt again.

    Thanks. It might have been the most difficult stalk I've ever attempted.  I had to cover roughly 200 yards from the truck to where the birds were, to include cresting the road itself without getting seen.  The rest of the way was ankle high grass, a slight depression in the ground, and that lone bush for cover.  There wasn't much to work with and a whole lot of eyes in that flock.

    You're making me feel bad, Luis.  I'm glad you're having great success.

    Thank you, Jerry: no need to feel bad.  I have a feeling you'll be seeing similar success when the Montana draw results hit next week.

    Jayhawker said:
    My first turkey was a jake, my second turkey was the jake that ran over and started kicking the hell out of the first jake....turkeys can have some incredibly weird (and funny) behavior

    They are bizarre and entertaining at the same time.  No other animal that I have seen in nature takes immediate advantage of perceived weakness in an adversary/cohort the way a turkey does.  The big turkey behavior laugher for my South Dakota hunt was stepping all over a boss hen with my diaphragm call while she tried to cluck and having her - and a gang of 6 or so of her closest girlfriends - come running up the hill to challenge me.  They never did figure out what I was.  I was hoping she would pull a gobbler with her, but that didn't happen.  It was still a hoot to see.
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