5 56 NATO Ammunition: XM193 55gr. vs M855 62gr.

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It's only true if it's on this forum where opinions are facts and facts are opinions
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    Kinda bogus test. The two loads tested are so different in weight and construction that they can't be compared when  fired out of the same weapon. The 55 grain round should have been tested in a slower twist barrel (10" or slower) and the 62 grain load in a barrel with a faster twist (7"-9"). Results might have been different.  
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    Where the "H" is the edit button? I wanted to add to my post. Oh well. 

    I own a Saiga .223 Carbine which has a 10" twist rate, and an AR15 with a 7" twist rate. They both handle 55 and 62 grain loads differently. 
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    Shooting at a 45 degree angle toward the ground it doesn't matter.
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    This is a test some of our own member can do in their backyards...............And do it better.
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    I think the M193 55 grainer is actually a more useful projectile:  you see, with the steel penetrator of the M855 62 grain bullet, there's actually more lead in the M193.

    By quick glance at the Hodgdon site, the powder charges for 55 grain loads seem to run about three grains heavier of powders with versatile burn rates like Varget or 4895.

    So when you start pulling bullets to melt down for casting and powder to re-use in cartridges that are socially significant, the M193 will be a more efficient use of your time. :D

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    Put me down for the 55 gr. camp.  The steel penetrator core is a thing of the post-Viet Nam era, and maybe if you're trying to penetrate body armor, fine.  I admit my limited experience and prejudice is with the 55 gr bullet for which I have a fondness, and the lighter bullet is my fave.  I'm not even sure I am qualified to speak for the steel-core "penetrator" later rounds, although the 69 gr. jacketed rounds in a fast-twist barrel are quite accurate...which I have experienced.
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    I'm a 55gr fan. However, that's only because I buy in bulk and the 62gr steel core isn't allowed at a lot of plonking ranges. 
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