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    Gene L said:
    In light of all the posts on guns available and guns wanted, I have to say...I'm kicking the habit.  I can't think of a single gun I want.  I hope this passes, but I seem to be losing interests in fine guns.  I've just about bought my limit.  I hope I don't turn instead to alcohol consumption and honky-tonking.
    Well if you do you may need you a nice carry gun because last time I was in a Honky Tonk There was some bad hombres in that place, LOL!!!
    Hang in there Gene, I've been there before myself. Just grit your teeth and ride it out. It should pass. We all go through this. Remember how many times wambli was going to sell off his collection, thin the heard if you will, and I think he's got more guns now than ever.....LOL!!!

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    They have taken some really simple things & busted there butts figuring more ways to fine you or drop you in the clink for. A friend of mine stopped collecting western guns & sold them all in one shot. A guy from out of state showed up with a briefcase of money bought them for cash & down the road he went with no paper work at all. That is how it all should be. If that would have been me .......I would have ended up with pocket change .
    I have great luck like that.

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    I've bought one gun this year, but I also sold 3 to include one that was similar to what I bought.

    The lion's share of my "gun money" this year is already earmarked for training and competitions.
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    This year's gun money has been spent on the Garand. Part of next year's will also go "into" the Garand, fund the SE shoot trip, and dunno what else.
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    Can't say as much is "tripping my trigger" at the moment either.

    I do have one waiting for a re-barrel and conversion from a "plane jane" 77R to sort of a 77Int (without the sights) but that's just an upgrade to an existing.

    I'll probably be doing a LOT more of that than purchasing firearms for a while.

    Well, that and buying $200 tax stamps
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    I was recently thinking about a 5.7x28 AR upper. The 5.7 seems to either be 1. VERY popular, or 2. about to bite the dust. No uppers are available from the usual suspects, and I won't even consider a used on on the gun sales sites.
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