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FWP wants to raise the cost.. AGAIN!

QuinianQuinian Senior MemberPosts: 707 Senior Member
They already doubled the cost of out of state tags, doubled the cost of B tag (your second tag) and have too few tags for things we have a major over population of like deer. This will only LOWER their income as more and more hunters like me will say screw you guys and ONLY buy the one tag we know we'll fill and that's it.

Like right now I buy pretty much every tag available because hey it's not that much $100 all together and generally only ever fill the 2 deer tags. If they raise the cost I'll just get 1 deer tag and that's it and a lot of others will do the same or only buy the fishing stamp.


Are you guys seeing anything like this in your areas?


  • TeachTeach Senior Member Posts: 18,428 Senior Member
    Tennessee lets us take 3 does A DAY over a 3-month season. Somebody finally figured out that limiting breeding opportunities for the bucks is the only way to control deer populations. We can take 3 bucks all season, one each by archery, muzzleloader, and centerfire, or any combination of the three harvest methods. The season runs from late September until January 1st. Nonresident tags are a bit pricey, but not terrible.
  • Six-GunSix-Gun Senior Member Posts: 8,148 Senior Member
    Exactly, Jerry. Nebraska realized that formula years back and has desperatly been trying to get anyone with a gun to shoot the does. They started giving away free bonus doe tags and have actually seen an increase in participation. Unfortunately, too many people still either go out with the "trophy or nothing" mentality, OR try to be a backyard biologist attempting to increase "fawn recruitment" in their area (i.e. hoping that more deer in general will yield more bucks born at the expense of the state's total game management plan) and eat their doe tags. The fact of life is that, in theory, if a buck had enough time in the window of fertility, he could service an entire county of does by himself. The opposite does not hold true.

    Montana may be making a mistake here. Raising fees after moments earlier complaining that the poor economy is part of the problem seems like two steps forward and then two steps back: you might make more per tag, but you're going to deter hunters on the fringe from being able to afford to hunt (legally, that is) and possibly increase poaching.
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  • NNNN Senior Member Posts: 24,669 Senior Member
    No, we get 6 tags for one price----doe/buck limits vary by region.
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  • Stick12Stick12 New Member Posts: 24 New Member
    Yeah in Minnesota the DNR is looking to raise both resident and non resident license prices next year. Kind of a bummer for people like me who are in college and don't exactly have money lying around to pay more for licenses
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