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Bureaucratic ignorance is boundless


  • Big ChiefBig Chief Posts: 32,995 Senior Member
    Well, they must have never learned anything in school in Geography/American History.

    Plus. their parents must not have bought them one of them wooden puzzles to put together and learn the 50 states.  
    It's only true if it's on this forum where opinions are facts and facts are opinions
    Words of wisdom from Big Chief: Flush twice, it's a long way to the Mess Hall
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  • tennmiketennmike Posts: 27,457 Senior Member
    One of those things that make you wonder how some folks gadgiated high skool! :smiley:
      I refuse to answer that question on the grounds that I don't know the answer”
    ― Douglas Adams
  • MichakavMichakav Posts: 2,907 Senior Member
    Damn those New Mexicans trying to get married in our country! 
  • CaliFFLCaliFFL Posts: 5,486 Senior Member
    I'm from the government and I'm here to help!
    When our governing officials dismiss due process as mere semantics, when they exercise powers they don’t have and ignore duties they actually bear, and when we let them get away with it, we have ceased to be our own rulers.

    Adam J. McCleod

  • jaywaptijaywapti Posts: 5,116 Senior Member
    CaliFFL said:
    I'm from the government and I'm here to help my self.



  • bisleybisley Posts: 10,815 Senior Member
    I mean we do have a president who's constantly talking about how he's not going to let any new Mexican's into the country. I guess people don't pay attention to capitalization? :tongue:
    We have a president who was a lifelong Democrat, gave thousands of dollars to their campaigns, and therefore understood very well that enough boldness and media savvy could probably get him past his flip-flops, sexual promiscuity, shady business deals, etc., to be elected to high office. Voters, having been trained to expect this from Democrats, were finally ready to embrace an ex-Democrat who vowed to solve some serious problems, in spite of all the baggage he would bring.

    If that's not capitalization, what is?
  • breamfisherbreamfisher Posts: 14,105 Senior Member
    "New Mexicans"

    "new Mexicans"
  • earlyagainearlyagain Posts: 7,928 Senior Member
    Those folks at the county clerk and DMV always did seem a bit off.
  • Diver43Diver43 Posts: 12,769 Senior Member
    I thought only liberals turned every post/article in to a Trump bashing
    Logistics cannot win a war, but its absence or inadequacy can cause defeat. FM100-5
  • Diver43Diver43 Posts: 12,769 Senior Member
    Like him or agree with him, or not, this had nothing to do with Trump. But thats OK, everyone is entitled to their opinion
    Logistics cannot win a war, but its absence or inadequacy can cause defeat. FM100-5
  • earlyagainearlyagain Posts: 7,928 Senior Member
    Did he build the wall too far north?

  • bisleybisley Posts: 10,815 Senior Member
    cpj said:

    While you make some excellent points and offer a spectacular description of our reformed Democrat president, methinks the joke juuuuuuust missed you...
    I got the 'new Mexican' part as a joke. Amusing, but I got over it before my sides started aching. Then, I assumed the 'capitalization' part was some secret squirrel double entendre, that only liberals and their cheerleaders are smart enough to understand. In other words, I assumed that he meant capitalization in the sense that politicians are adept at capitalizing on bad news by spinning it to their advantage. Hence, the reference to Trump capitalizing on the fact that he can get away with acting like a liberal, when there is advantage to be gained by it.

    Lacking a recent copy of the lefty code book, how is an uneducated conservative, over the age of 40, gonna know when to laugh at what they present to him as humor? I mean, only 'sensitive' people have an understanding of talent, and I'm not really the poster boy for sensitivity.

  • bisleybisley Posts: 10,815 Senior Member
    I'm affable enough not to offend, but I have matured enough to know that cute lefties are not harmless. It doesn't mean that I can't get along...just that I can't easily be taken in by those with an agenda.
  • das68das68 Posts: 662 Senior Member
    cpj said:

     our resident liberal Alonso

    alphasigmookie who?

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