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Better idea than electric cars. Why don't we recycle energy?



  • SpkSpk Senior Member Posts: 4,288 Senior Member
    That's a good idea. Coat a gas bomb with an accelerant. What could go wrong.  :#
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  • 10canyon5310canyon53 Member Posts: 2,122 Senior Member
    rberglof said:
    Would something like this be worth while?

    Several years ago a customer of mine introduced me to a guy in Daytona Beach that was developing technology very much like that.  He did a test run to Miami and back (over 500 miles) in a small 4 cy. car and used less than 4 gallons of gasoline total.  He told me that results were even more impressive with a diesel engine.
  • TugarTugar Senior Member Posts: 2,311 Senior Member
    I saw a documentary on the Hinderburg a few years ago. To say the skin was combustible would be downplaying it. When they starting listing off the ingredients, I was think those are the same things used as rocket fuel. 

    But the real reason wasn't the hydrogen per se. One of the panels near the upper back lost it's ground. When they pulled it in, the spark from the static electricity started the fire on that panel. The rest is the result. 

    And of course the United States wasn't going to sell Germany helium to use in case they started arming them with bombs again. Still would have burned, just would have taken longer. 
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  • knitepoetknitepoet Senior Member Posts: 21,641 Senior Member
    edited January 2019 #35
    rberglof said:
    Would something like this be worth while?

    With the fuel mileage standards automakers are struggling to meet, I truly believe IF something like that worked as advertised and actually improved fuel economy 20-60%, they would be standard equipment on every car on the market.

    the 2019 Honda Civic has an EPA estimate of 32-42mpg and they sell a BUNCH of them, partly because of that fuel mileage estimate.
    If by adding 1 little gadget they could up it  to 38-67mpg (+20% @ 38 to +60% @42) I am CERTAIN they would and then be pushing that in all their ad copy.

    Said all that to say, basically, that things like that are probably "snake oil" or as Thomas Tusser famously said, "A fool and his money are soon parted"
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  • tennmiketennmike Senior Member Posts: 27,457 Senior Member
    The problem with that HHO device is there's no data on that website. They claim 0.85 liters per minute of H2 and oxygen at 12v at 16 amps to their cell. I'd have to go WAY back to the electrolysis of water in chemistry class, but I remember gas generation being a LOT more vigorous at high voltage. And the water had an electrolyte in it to enhance current between electrodes. Water is an O.K. conductor, but add some table salt and it gets a lot friskier as to current it will carry.

    Now figure in the flow of a carburetor (or throttle body or air intake manifold of a fuel injected) engine. Say at full throttle a little 4-banger draws 450 cubic feet per minute. (You're makin' me do math conversions, and I hate math conversions.) 1 liter = 61.02 cubic inches. 60 cubic inches = 0.034 cubic feet. Taken that the throttle body/intake could take in 450 cfm, .034 cfm of the H2 and O doesn't make a big input to the fuel system.

    Like Knitepoet, I'm skeptical of their claims of mileage increase in the amount they state. The maximum output of the cell at near full throttle is like trying to fill the bathtub with an eyedropper.
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