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What does concealment really mean?

Make my dayMake my day New MemberPosts: 2 New Member
I have a concealed carry permit through New York state. I also have one in Pennsylvania and Florida. What does concealed really mean? What if you have your weapon under cover but you can see an outline. Is that consider concealed? What if you have an external holster on but wear a jacket over it? Is that concealed? I like to have some thoughts on this. I know there are some LEOs on this board.

btw... I'm a new guy here, thanks for having me. I enjoyed reading through your posts.


  • NNNN Senior Member Posts: 24,925 Senior Member
    Welcome aboard!!!

    This is going to be fun----we have a "Make My Day" and now a "Make my day".

    As to your post, some states do not allow printing others do.
  • CaptainRoadBlockCaptainRoadBlock Member Posts: 49 Member
    BPsniper wrote: »
    The nontechnical definition: You no see'em. You no know'em. Basically, a reasonable attempt to conceal the fact that one is carrying a firearm.
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  • cappy54cappy54 Member Posts: 269 Member
    Here in Florida the interpretation means "ON OR ABOUT YOUR PERSON IN A CONCEALED MANNER". briefcase, bag, holster , cigar box, if out of sight and on or about close proximity it's concealed. I am surprised that as a ccw holder here in Fl. you are not aware of this, one of the main topics I teach when giving the CCW course.
  • JayhawkerJayhawker Moderator Posts: 17,528 Senior Member
    Depends on where you live..."printing" in one state can be "brandishing" in another....know your state's gun laws inside out...become an authority on them...

    I've been wearing OWB holster under a jacket during cool weather for years without issue...During the summer, concealment goes a little deeper to an IWB holster and an untucked shirt...the key is learning to dress around your gun. You may need to change your mode of dress somewhat...
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  • samzheresamzhere Banned Posts: 10,923 Senior Member
    Concealed doesn't mean that even a trained LEO can't spot your "print", ever. Most concealed carry laws are modeled on the Florida statute, and the Texas law is similar... The "concealed" means that your handgun is not visible to the ordinary citizen under normal circumstances.

    So, although it's best if there is no "bulge" at all, a slight bulge is generally acceptable under the letter of the law -- so long as the "average" citizen does not notice the weapon under "average" situations.

    Best of all, however, is that if nobody ever sees the weapon, nobody therefore ever knows you're carrying, which is far more preferable than it possibly being noticeable by a LEO.

    Just if you're wondering, if you DO "display" the weapon during what is a legal means of self defense within the law, then the "conceal" aspect is off the table. The act of legal self defense nullifies any concealment requirements.
  • DoctorWhoDoctorWho Senior Member Posts: 9,496 Senior Member
    Oddly enough, in Anti Gun NYC, if you flashed / printed a LEO would only ask if you had a license, and if the answer was yes, would you like to see it ?
    The LEO would respond, no, have a nice day.
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  • mythaeusmythaeus Senior Member Posts: 831 Senior Member
    There is the legal definition, which you MUST abide by if your state prohibits open carry. Open carry in fact is prohibited in New York, unless you're inside cars (http://opencarry.org/ny.html). My Google-fu is off today so I'm not able to find the definition for "concealed" from NY statutes; however, TX laws (also prohibits open carry prohibited state) defines (3) “Concealed handgun” means a handgun, the presence of which is not openly discernible to the ordinary observation of a reasonable person. http://www.txdps.state.tx.us/InternetForms/Forms/CHL-16.pdf (pg.3 GC §411.171). Sam mentioned this above. I think that's a pretty universal definition that you must abide by.

    Now, if you come to states that recognize your NY permit (PA by the way does not, but since you have PA non-resident permit, you are OK) that do not prohibit OC, you don't need to worry about how concealed the gun needs to be. If you brandish or attempt to "go from concealed to open carry" to make terroristic threats, that's a different story.

    In my opinion, carrying in an OWB holster with a jacket over it as you described fits the concealed definition above if "printing" is undiscernable.

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  • NCFUBARNCFUBAR Senior Member Posts: 4,324 Senior Member
    BPsniper wrote: »
    The nontechnical definition: You no see'em. You no know'em. Basically, a reasonable attempt to conceal the fact that one is carrying a firearm.

    :agree: +1

    or better ... as Sgt Schultz would say "I see nothing–NOTHING!" even if someone does they have a plausible deniability.
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