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Anyone have any run- ins with poachers?



  • snake284snake284 Senior Member Posts: 22,429 Senior Member
    Big Al1 said:
    I had one guy try and kick me off my own land, up in Wisconsin!! Sheriff took care of the problem for me!! 
    Had a framer friend who had a FIB who constantly trespassed and was arrogant enough to park right in front of the posted sign!! After several warnings he corrected the problem by unloading the contents of his manure spreader on the offenders pickup!!

    FIB- F'n Illinois B-****  :)
    The guy wasn't named Biff by any chance was he?
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  • JayhawkerJayhawker Moderator Posts: 17,675 Senior Member
    I used to own 40 acres of prime hunting land and had just a hell of a time with a couple of locals...I mean these guys would argue with you when you caught them in the act of trespassing..."We have been hunting this ground since we were kids..."....I told them that , unfortunate as it was...it was my property and that their days of hunting that ground were over.
    Apparently they were slow learner's because I had words with them on a couple more occasions.
    I arrived one day to find their two vehicles parked at my gate...the tracks in the snow told the story, so I called the Sheriff...he showed up with the game warden ( a real old school hard nose).
    I explained the situation to them and the GW headed out on their tracks to deal with them directly...he found them in two of my tree stands, with guns (illegal in MI at the time)..While that was going on the Sheriff called for a couple of tow trucks and impounded their vehicles...

    Didn't have too many more issues after that...
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  • snake284snake284 Senior Member Posts: 22,429 Senior Member
    bisley said:
    I got myself and four others 'kicked off' of the best deer lease I have ever had, for 'hemming up'  a poacher...who turned out to be the caretaker's teen-aged son. He was dumping mags from an M-1 Carbine into bunches of deer, from one of my friend's elevated blind. I had him staked out, so that he couldn't leave, until his father rescued him, making lame excuses and accusing me of leaving a gate open and littering. Appeals to the actual landowner, by mail, email and unanswered phone messages, landed on deaf ears. Conversations with the local game warden were met with bureaucratic excuses, and only resulted in our own vehicles being checked, daily, at the entrance gate. We didn't give in, and managed to hunt the place for the rest of the season, following the rules precisely (we always did, anyway). We had voluntarily made improvements on every situation we were involved with (fixing fences, gates, cleaning up, and marking new trails in the more remote areas), but were not allowed to renew for the next year, because we could not deal directly with the landowner. The friend who got us on the lease was kicked, too, after spending years improving the lease, because he staunchly vouched for my integrity. Very disappointing, especially to my young grandsons, who are nearly grown-ups, now, and still wonder at why we were kicked. Had I turned a blind eye, we likely would still be hunting there, but my grandsons would have learned a very bad lesson from it.

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    Daddy, what's an enabler?
    Son that's somebody with nothing to do with his time but keep me in trouble with mom.
  • snake284snake284 Senior Member Posts: 22,429 Senior Member
    edited March 2019 #35
    I lost my spot on my good lease this year and the poachers got to stay. Tye wife of the guy who runs the cattle on the place is the hunter in that family and she got her buddy, a guy that works for them, on the lease a couple years ago. Since that guy got on the lease hunting has been piss poor. Last year I finally started seeing deer again and I shot a buck. But he was gone until Christmas last year working up north. That told us who was running the deer off.

    That wasn't the end of it though. At the end of last season my son in law were hunting one day. My son in law had his own tripod blind and feeder set up close to the gate going in. He'd been watching a buck all season without getting a shot at it. This was the last day and my son in law was in his tripod watching that deer getting close. My son in law had both a rifle and his bow. He wanted to take the deer with his bow so he held off shooting until it got into bow range. It was close when he heard a pickup drive up and shots. The Cattle guys wife and the poacher jumped out and dragged the deer to her truck. My son in law is the sheriff of Calhoun County and has some jurisdiction in other counties, especially when he sees a crime first hand. But he didn't want to get me kicked off then lease so we at that one.

    Anyway, the guy who sub leased my spot wanted to get him, the known poacher off the lease. He told the owners about him and they gave him permission to kick the guy off so he told him he was kicked off. Well the guy that runs the cattle ish is buddy so he calls the owners. The cattle lease is a lot more lucrative for the owners than us deer hunters so the owner told my buddy to back off. Then my buddies brother who hunts there wanted to get some of his family a spot. So I being  a sub leaser got the axe. I think the cattle guy wanted me off. I AND my son in law, like Bisley, always tried to improve the place and also hunted ethically. But Money talks and BS walks so I had to eat the turd.

    But the lord works in mysterious ways. For what I paid for that place I found a deal where I can go on five hunts one day at a time, for the same price I paid for the whole year, with almost guaranteed success. Next year when we have all our immigration woes and money matters fixed, we will do that instead. Then I don't have to deal with poachers first hand and I don't have to buy and maintain the equipment such as feeders and fences.
    Daddy, what's an enabler?
    Son that's somebody with nothing to do with his time but keep me in trouble with mom.
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