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This ought to be fun...I hope!

Jeff in TXJeff in TX Posts: 2,641 Senior Member
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My wife told me she has a friend back in the Dallas area whose 15 year-old isn't listening and becoming quite rebellious.  Apparently the dad isn't really in the picture.  Wanted to know if we have any projects around the ranch that he could help with and have your husband talk with him and mentor him some and could she send him out.  

My wife's reply was we always have work and projects around the ranch and my husband loves to work with kids.  She left out I love the free labor part!  Just how hard and tired  can my husband work him!  Her reply, just make sure he has a heart beat when he comes home!

I've got some trails that need widening for the new two seat wide Defender.  Lots of trees to cut down and cut up into firewood.  I figure in two days we'll get it done as well as some fishing and hog hunts.  Might as well work him hard, let him relax some, then work him hard and send him back home to momma.  Hopefully he likes it and wants to come back!

This will be interesting to say the least!
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  • GunNutGunNut Posts: 7,642 Senior Member
    Thanks for helping get him back on the right road.  I hate when we lose kids to the no father parenting thing and he is at the most vulnerable age when it can go right or wrong forever in a single turn.  Good for you and may God guide your hand and words!
  • JerryBobCoJerryBobCo Posts: 8,227 Senior Member
    You're a good man, Jeff.  Good luck to both of you.

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  • SpkSpk Posts: 4,840 Senior Member
    Work hard play hard.

    Give the young man something to look forward to when he's done with the work and he won't view the experience as a negative. Hard work equals reward, that's always a good lesson to be learned young. Good for you Jeff, someone needs to help this kid if the father isn't in the picture. Good Hunting!

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  • Diver43Diver43 Posts: 12,775 Senior Member
    Good One Jeff.  I hope it turns into a great learning experience for the young man.  
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  • TwinkleTwinkle Posts: 174 Member
    What a wonderful thing you are willing to do, Jeff!
    Several years ago, my brother and I were considering pursuing the establishment of a program in his very small Montana town to give at-risk youths a similar opportunity -- to get youngsters away from the more toxic parts of their lives and into some healthier activities.  It got as far as establishing a large community garden in which kids could do community service in the work of providing produce to local food banks.  It worked well for a while, until my brother, a recovering addict, started struggling anew with his addiction and eventually relapsed.
    I've never felt such a feeling of community as I felt there and was so impressed by the court system and correctional authorities who were willing to sentence youngsters to constructive work in lieu of incarcerating them.
    You go for it, Jeff!  You could be doing an amazing, life-changing service for this youngster and his mom!

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