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Ammo anywhere online?

JuddHunterJuddHunter Posts: 8 New Member
Does anyone know where I can get some .380 ammo both range and self defense?  I've been to all the gun shops within a few hours of Chicago and can't find any. I did find a box of 50 bullets of cheap range ammo for my 40 caliber today at a gun shop and they were charging $40 per box.  They wanted $75 for a mediocre box of 9mm hollow point.  

I've also been waiting over 11 days for the gun shop to give me the new gun I bought because they won't release it until they get confirmation on the background check and the system is so overloaded, that they don't know when it will get done.  I have no criminal record and can't seem to get my new gun or much ammo to use in the guns I have......


  • JuddHunterJuddHunter Posts: 8 New Member
    Its not just every weekend.  We are on target for 1,000 murders this year.  We are at about a shooting every hour all week long and now it is moved into the nice neighborhoods.  There are multiple shootings per month even on Lake Shore drive now which is insane to me.  They are just driving around the city shooting out of their cars.
  • LinefinderLinefinder Moderator Posts: 7,417 Senior Member
    edited October 2020 #4
    Not making light of a bad situation, but that's what I was alluding to......

    "Walking away seems to be a lost art form."
  • JuddHunterJuddHunter Posts: 8 New Member
    I completely agree with you. 
  • LinefinderLinefinder Moderator Posts: 7,417 Senior Member
    I really wish I could give you some sound advice, rather than joke about the most gun-regulated place in the country, but I can't.

    FWIW, it seems to be a similar situation in a lot of places. You're not alone by any means.

    Conserve the rounds you have would be my advice.

    "Walking away seems to be a lost art form."
  • BigslugBigslug Senior Member Posts: 8,567 Senior Member
    To paraphrase Van Halen:

    "You can't find no ammo when you shop online.
    The gun shops can't help you - say you're wastin' your time.


    And that really is the problem.  This isn't a relative handful of serious shooters loading up on 1000 round cases; this is 1000 guys each after one 50 round box.  Factor in whatever the manufacturers are doing for COVID protocols in their factories and we're pretty much screwed.

    If it's any help, you're really better off with FMJ (flat points best) for .380 instead of hollow points.  The bigger rounds generate enough energy for both penetration and expansion, but expanding pocket gun rounds typically won't make it to the Tootsie Roll center of the Tootsiepop.

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  • DrawbarFlatsDrawbarFlats Posts: 788 Senior Member
    edited October 2020 #8
    Pretty scarce everywhere. Best advice I can give is to research locations of gun shops in a VERY BROAD AREA, get in the vehicle, and see what you can find. I know of a few gun shops in my neck of the woods that won't disclose on the phone what they have in stock when it comes to ammo, ya gotta do the leg work. Personally, I would plan on a road trip before Nov as it will be like trying to find toilet paper in the Ides of March 2020 afterwards - no matter what caliber.  
  • pjames777pjames777 Senior Member Posts: 1,421 Senior Member
    Even guys reloading are selling 9mm 50 rnds for $30-40 a box in Kommiefornia.  Crazy times and IMHO its only going to get crazier.
  • 41magnut41magnut Senior Member Posts: 1,223 Senior Member
    Agree with all the above. I go into the local f/a retailer every two or three days to see if they have received any thing.  

    As far as hunting ammo

    The standard legacy calibers 270, 30/06, 7RM 30/30, some of the Win. short mags, & some 308W  will show up.
    Might not be the exact projectile weight brand, etc., desired (as in my case) but something can be had. 

    The premium Federal, Nosler, Sierra, trickles in, and goes out quickly.

    The two box every 3 years crowd of deer hunters are coming in and it is almost comical to hear the conspiracies spun. 

    All I can offer is, keep checking your favorite on line or local retailer and you might get lucky.

    "The .30-06 is never a mistake." Townsend Whelen :iwo:
  • ilove22silove22s Senior Member Posts: 1,454 Senior Member

    heres how i see and think of things.

    If you are late to the party, you pay for it.  im sure you dont want to hear that or like it, but its the way things are now.  you are not alone either.  

    So you are not happy with the price of things. Well, again, late to the party.  

    but think of this as an expensive lesson.  Its not like you MUST buy Pallets of bullets at the prices you find.  IF all you want is some SD ammo, then buck up and buy a box of what you can for the price.  Again, you wont be doing this forever - unless you dont learn from this.  But buy what you NEED NOW for SD and call it good.

    The ears never lie.

    - Don Burt
  • Gene LGene L Senior Member Posts: 12,142 Senior Member
    I bought 2 boxes of .380 yesterday, left one box for the next guy.  There was plenty of .32 ACP, which I don't need and only mention it because it was on the same shelf.  Hardball, at least.  The .380 was HB as well.
    Concealed carry is for protection, open carry is for attention.
  • Some_MookSome_Mook Posts: 412 Member
    Checked 2 vendors that I have used in the past, Lucky Gunner has 161 boxes 0f .380 ready to ship, BulkAmmo.com has 141.  Not cheap, but then .380 has never really been cheap, even when times are good.

    The last NICS check I went through last Thursday took all of about 15 minutes.  Guess you need to go early in the day  ;)  Helps when you can road test a customer's vehicle to the LGS at 9 am
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  • SpkSpk Senior Member Posts: 4,394 Senior Member
    edited October 2020 #14
    Both Buffalo Bore,
    And Double Tap have defensive ammo.

    Here's a little corner I like to shop at,
     (100 round box, 380 acp for $46 bucks)

    There is a 3 to 4 week shipping time though.

    Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience -- Mark Twain
    How easy it is to make people believe a lie, and [how] hard it is to undo that work again! -- Mark Twain

  • knitepoetknitepoet Senior Member Posts: 21,832 Senior Member
    Heard from a buddy that owns a gun shop. He said that a new company with million of rounds are starting to sell ammo. 223 and 9mm from what he said. 
    SPAM much??

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  • zorbazorba Senior Member Posts: 24,323 Senior Member

    -Zorba, "The Veiled Male"

    "If you get it and didn't work for it, someone else worked for it and didn't get it..."
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