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What may have cost GOP control of TWH, House and Senate.



  • ZeeZee Posts: 28,413 Senior Member
    It’s pretty simple. Don’t be a douche, asshat, or self proclaimed end all be all. 
    We are pretty accepting folks to accepting people. 
    "To Hell with efficiency, it's performance we want!" - Elmer Keith
  • GermanShepherdGermanShepherd Posts: 160 Member
    edited May 2021 #63
    Fair enough. Happy (and safe) hunting and target shooting! May the good person always win when confronted with any bad guy. May bad (especially gun-grabbing) politicians never get elected. May the American Constitution always prevail. May the American voters make only sound choices on election days. May those on the Left grow up and wise up.
  • Some_MookSome_Mook Posts: 624 Senior Member
    GunNut said:
    ...There are NO paying members here...
    Do you mean to tell me that the Prince of Nairobi's second cousin's best friend from the 6th grade that I gave my bank account and SS number to in order to participate in this forum was having me on??

    Seemed kind of expensive at the time, but if you all are on here for free I want my money back!
    "If there must be trouble, let it be in my day, that my child may have peace." - Thomas Paine
    "I know my place in the world and it ain’t standing next to Jerry Miculek" - Zee
  • LinefinderLinefinder Posts: 7,856 Senior Member
    Sorry to bust anybodys' bubble, but 15+/- years of being a moderator here has made me filthy stinking rich. You should all be so lucky.

    "Walking away seems to be a lost art form."
  • GunNutGunNut Posts: 7,642 Senior Member
    Sorry to bust anybodys' bubble, but 15+/- years of being a moderator here has made me filthy stinking rich. You should all be so lucky.

    Has it been that long!!!!!
  • LinefinderLinefinder Posts: 7,856 Senior Member
    2006 or 07, best I recall. Been a long time.
    "Walking away seems to be a lost art form."
  • GunNutGunNut Posts: 7,642 Senior Member
  • CHIRO1989CHIRO1989 Posts: 14,851 Senior Member
    2006 or 07, best I recall. Been a long time.
    Glutton for punishment you are......
    I take no pleasure in the death of the wicked, but rather that they turn away from their ways and live. Eze 33:11
  • bisleybisley Posts: 10,815 Senior Member
    I argued politics pretty hot and heavy for a very long time, on this forum and others, before I finally came to the realization that people will not agree about much until everybody's ox is being gored at the same time, by the same entity. Politics and social issues are all just too complicated, when the majority of 330 million people are fairly prosperous with no major hardships to temper their mettle. There are just too many rabbit trails, subtle nuances, credible lies, gossip, contrived narratives, and too many of us who have learned to bait and switch our way into and out of any discussion - way before there is ever a chance of actually solving a genuine problem. Mostly, people can't even agree on what the problem is, before someone deflects the focus.

    The one thing I've always been able to count on is that all governments are corrupt, and that it is impossible to keep the lid on corruption without keeping the size of government stripped down to the bare bones. As a nation, we no longer have the strength of character to live that way (without government services), so we are just careening down the road to perdition, avoiding as many of the bumps and potholes as possible, before we sail over the cliff.

    When it gets bad enough, people will find a way to agree with each other for a while, and start pulling together in some simple common cause. The problem is that by the time enough folks understand that they are headed for the abyss, the momentum may be too great to overcome.

    When those wise men were prioritizing the Bill of Rights, they knew to make the right to free speech first and the right to keep and bear arms a close second.
  • GunNutGunNut Posts: 7,642 Senior Member
    It all comes down to this.  They have successfully destroyed our sense of nationalism, American culture, values and identity.  We are now millions of groups of “individuals”.  Even gays are at each other’s throats because now there are a Baskin Robbins number of flavors.

    The proof is simple.  When as a country you are still considering sending someone to represent you to the Olympics that has turned her back on to the flag without ANY kind of an uproar from the populace, there is NO hope left.  There is NO national pride left.  We’ve crossed the line so just learn to adapt.
  • zorbazorba Posts: 25,284 Senior Member
    "The war of all against all"
    -Zorba, "The Veiled Male"

    "If you get it and didn't work for it, someone else worked for it and didn't get it..."
  • earlyagainearlyagain Posts: 7,928 Senior Member
    I have an adult age niece. She's a care giver at an institution that has resident patients in need of full time care. She was assaulted by a patient, and told by her employer that nothing can be done. The institution generates enough income to pay her and her coworkers a living wage, and provide them with a decent place to work with decent policy, and still make a reasonable profit. The corruption that's failing her and her contemporaries is the same corruption that allows substandard buildings to crumble well occupied. It doesn't originate with the government. It has no American value or national pride. Its simple greed and exploitation. Its not ok. Its not the normal results of a free market, or the consequence of a free society. IMO its the result of a pendulum that's allowed toom much law in favor of the few in denial of the many. My hopes are that gravity will return the pendulum to a more equal location. Even if that location includes the advancement of some wrong, in the same way the prior swing allowed advancement of some wrong. Either way I carry no subscription to doom, and maintain faith in the force of gravity upon the pendulum.
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