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Man attacks deputy, soaks up 12 shots



  • JayhawkerJayhawker Posts: 18,362 Senior Member
    edited February 2021 #122
    Gene...I don't normally do public admonishments ..BUT I respectfully advise you to reel it in....
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  • BamaakIIBamaakII Posts: 479 Member
    Where's the popcorn emoji?
  • Gene LGene L Posts: 12,817 Senior Member
    Reeled in.  I'm an old firearms guy and a cop most of my life and I look at things differently than others on this forum.  I don't mean disrespect, or sometimes I do, unfortunately.  Bottom line is I will shut up on this thread but what is more important isTHE DEPUTY WALKED AWAY, despite straying from the book under duress.
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  • Lt.Lt. Posts: 66 Member
    Glad the deputy walked away! He let the perp get within striking distance and was extremely fortunate that his handgun wasn't knocked out of his hand and possibly used against him! Dad used to say, "there's no such thing as a fair fight!" And I was taught that "if you put 'em down, make sure they stay down!" I'm not an officer, never was and never played one on tv! However, with that being said, I feel that #1 Perp had a weapon in his hand and within reach of hitting the officer.....ding! #2 perp refused commands to stop....ding ding! #3 perp lifted said weapon to.......ding ding ding ding ding.........discharge weapon until threat is STOPPED, be it one, two or 32 rounds! And I think the idea of a shotgun, while maybe not a primary weapon that you'd get out the cruiser with (unless situation dictates) is a great show stopper! Couple rounds of double aught buck gets someone's attention real quick! It's easy to second guess or Monday morning QB, another thing when you're the guy on the ground and why you've got to rely on your training (as good or bad as that may be)! Got a buddy that worked for a couple different departments throughout his 30 year LE career and said the difference in training was astounding! Again, just my simpleton's opinion and take it for what it's worth and the good guy walked away! 
  • Johnny rebJohnny reb Posts: 715 Senior Member
    Zee said:
    A sling is an awesome and I’d say necessary tool when utilizing a longarm (shotgun or rifle). 
    I have gone hands on with individuals any number of times while still wearing a longarm. Simply cinch the sling tight to the body (front or back) and get all touchy feely. Again, it’s a training task. But, it works. 

    Here is my preferred sling and how to use it. 


    I agree on a sling on a long gun strung in front It can be used against bad guy if he happens to grab the long gun. It’s attached to you at that point and the butt of the rifle and barell itself make very good striking weapons. Transitioning to secondary weapon is easy if needed. 

  • GermanShepherdGermanShepherd Posts: 160 Member
    edited May 2021 #127
    Zee said:
    “Why did you shoot my client 12 times?”

    ”Because 11 wasn’t enough, and 13 would have been too many.”

    13 would have been an unlucky number. That stick man reminds me of Jack Nicholson in The Shining. Those big wild grinning teeth.

    I probably would have fired at the big stick man's legs to put him down. In the army, there was a story about an MP who shot a suspect to death while fleeing. The MP got into a lot of trouble. One army buddy told me he should have at least fired at the suspect's legs.

    Here is a good video on the theory of deadly force from Massad Ayoob:
    AOJ = ability, opportunity, jeopardy

  • BamaakIIBamaakII Posts: 479 Member
    I'm not an LEO but even I know they are taught to shoot centermass, largest target.  Shoot down at the legs and miss, where is that bullet going?  Plus legs move a lot more then the chest making a miss more probable.
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