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Friday’s afterwork hunt

TurdusMerulaTurdusMerula MemberPosts: 356 Member
On friday I managed to leave work early and as the two day rain had stopped, I desided to go deerhunting. I drove home, packed my things and was soon on my way to my hunting area. I have to drive 50 miles to get there even as it’s just ten miles from out home. There just happens to be a sea separating us.

I took a spot by the field and jumped into a ditch with my rifle and back bag. I had been there for a while when I saw a huge 15-16 point bull moose walking on the field. Accompanied with a spike bull moose. I bit my knuckles as they stopped to eat, 150 yards from me. They ate for a while and left the field. Not long after that I saw how a cow moose came for the supper. Again my knuckles and nails were straining as I was allowed to shoot only moose calves. Hunt for the adult moose starts on second saturday in October.
It started to be darker and darker as the Sun had set about 45 minutes ago. I saw a deer doe trotting on the field. 220 yards from me. Not a sign of stopping. I had to shoot if I wanted to get her.
I made an estimation for the lead according the speed of steady trotting and pulled the trigger. 375 barked and pushed a huge cloud of smoke out from the suppressor. There was no way to see what had happened due to recoil and cloud of smoke. It was like a black powder in calm, moist evening. I had heard the 250grain ttsx slapping home so I took my flashlight and rifle and started to walk towards the area where the doe had trotted.

It didn’t take long to find the animal. Couple of minutes,max. Unfortunately I had estimated the necessary lead wrong and the bullet had hit about six inches too far back. I gave the poor animal a quick coup de grâce to end it’s suffering as it was alive but not here anymore. The mighty 375 had had enough punch while pushing through the 4th ribs from the back that the doe had ran only 20 yards after the hit.
I was a bit disappointed but it was very dark and pretty long shot for a trotting deer and yet here it was, dead. Hit was in perfect height but just six inches too far back. I guess it was ok after all.

I quickly gutted the deer, lifted into my car and drove home.
At home I carefully washed it’s chest and stomach cavity with cold water after skinning it.
Today I butchered it and got more meat into freezer.

To see a World in a Grain of Sand And a Heaven in a Wild Flower
Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand And Eternity in an hour
-William Blake-


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