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2 actions back from the smith

MileHighShooterMileHighShooter Senior MemberPosts: 4,982 Senior Member
And he's had them since 2018 and I'm not complaining!

My mauser- only smith dropped off 2 newely barreled actions tonight (yes he makes house calls). 

The very first M98 I ever bought,  unknown origin as all the markings were ground off. I think i paid $150 for it at Gander Mountain before I worked there,  so maybe 2009-2010? It was a 30-06, now it is a 376 Steyr! 21" heavy barrel,  Wisner m70 style safety,  not sure which stock it is going into yet. Original plan was fiberglass,  but I've got a couple of nice walnut stocks that might get the nod. This thing is cool,  I've wanted a 376 since it was announced.  The smith just happened to have the reamer and has built several,  its one of his favorites.  4 boxes of ammo,  100 rds of brass and many bullets on hand,  dies are in the mail.  I think this one will get a 2.5-8x36 Leupold

2nd gun was already a nice custom when i bought it, 1909 Argentine,  but I wanted a 9.3x62 way more than a 35 Whelen. Plus the barrel was a bit heavy and long.  I lucked into a group buy on Zastava factory barrels being imported, so I snagged a 9.3 bbl. This one is going into a McMillan stock that came with another M98 1909 that had issues. I'm thinking about having the stock hydro dipped in faux walnut, best of both worlds.  Original plan was a really nice walnut stock I've got,  but it fits so nice in the Micky ... just can't put a polish blue into paint.  Guess I could have it coated,  but we'll see. I'm still in the fence about having the action sent in for reheating.  With modern powder and pressures the 9.3 can REALLY sing.  Factory loads and data is for lower 50k psi. Taking it up to 60+, 250's can push 2800 and 286's 2600. 

Smith also picked up 2 more guns on his way out. Another 1909 that qas not heat treated,  turned into a magnum,  and likely had lug setback as the gun locked up on a customer after firing.  Common with 1909's. The smith is going to strip it down and see what's up.  if it needs heating, its $165 for the first action and $50 for each additional (which is why I'm tempted to send the other one,  just in cost savings). 

Additionally,  while bs'ing about guns,  I asked if the super skinny 30-06 bbl that came off the 376 had enough meat to set back to 308, since I had this Yugo 98 not doing anything ... so that's happening, too. It'll end up in a British Stalking style stock,  very trim and light.  

all in all, it was a good gun day!

a few pics


  • Big Al1Big Al1 Senior Member Posts: 8,546 Senior Member
    Looks like a couple nice projects and you know I love Mausers!! I'd almost be tempted to build 9.3x62 for myself!! Looking forward to the finished projects!!
  • MileHighShooterMileHighShooter Senior Member Posts: 4,982 Senior Member
    Al I know a place selling discounted light profile 9.3 bbls right now.  Thinking about ordering one myself instead of having a 30-06 rebored for 9.3 #2
  • CHIRO1989CHIRO1989 Senior Member Posts: 14,373 Senior Member
    Wow, that took awhile, I remember you talking about those, don't make them too heavy or too nice to hunt with.
    I take no pleasure in the death of the wicked, but rather that they turn away from their ways and live. Eze 33:11
  • sakodudesakodude Senior Member Posts: 4,603 Senior Member
    Get them in stocks so we can shoot them :#
  • MileHighShooterMileHighShooter Senior Member Posts: 4,982 Senior Member
    CHIRO1989 said:
    Wow, that took awhile, I remember you talking about those, don't make them too heavy or too nice to hunt with.
    haha no worries,  I don't do heavy hunting rifles.  I think my heaviest non- bench gun is my 375 M70 custom and that's like 9.3lbs scoped. 

    Me and the smith both agreed the Micky stock and Leupold 2-7x33 just worked, think it'll be right around 8lbs hunting ready.  376 in the stock I've been working on in the British style profile should be about the same,  7.75-8.5 range.  Sounds heavy compared to some of my sub 7lbs rigs but .... they have much bigger holes in the barrel and much heavier bullets lol
  • Wambli SkaWambli Ska Posts: 3,493 Senior Member
    Nice!!!!!  Love the M70 style safeties!!!
    I’m baaaaaaaaack… 😬
  • Ernie BishopErnie Bishop Senior Member Posts: 8,545 Senior Member
    Looks like you are going to be busy very soon-Good for you!

    "The Un-Tactical"
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